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Sunday Motivation: Rose Thorns

Sunday Motivation: Rose Thorns

What do you see when you look at a rose bush? The rose, the thorn, both? In our lives we get to choose what and how we see things. The choice can lead to two very different paths. What will you choose?

It’s all in the way we look at things, right? If you have a downer attitude about something then you will be down about that something. Today’s quote is very important in helping us think about the positives in the world around us.

A very beautiful rose in my mini rose bush garden.

I try to be positive. I sometimes pride myself in being able to look at the positives when something is negative. At least we made it to our destination safely, even if we were late. Or at least we had dinner, even if it was gross.

If you think to yourself that something is going to be hard (insert any negative word) then it probably will be. So let’s look at the roses instead of the thorns and think about how much effort you are going to give something. You might fail or you might be successful. If you never tried then you wouldn’t have known the success.

I for one loved the thorns on rose bushes when I was a little girl. One side of our driveway was lined with rose bushes. It was a beautiful sight. But it was also a gold mine for nose thorns. Haha!

Did you ever take the thorns off of a rose bush and stick them on your nose? Hence nose thorns… Haha! My sisters and I would do this and pretend we were animals.

The next time life presents you with thorns and roses think about which direction you want to go. Because the choice is up to you.

So what are you going to do and be? A complainer or a rejoicer? Yep, I’m making up words again… 🙂 I hope you choose to be a rejoicer today. Find something you can rejoice in and let your light shine!

Xxx, Steph

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