Move Mountains: Sunday Motivation

What happens when we have to move mountains? We have a hard time starting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can move that mountain by…

Hello, hello my friends!!! Have you ever had what seemed like a HUGE job to do? It seems overwhelming, daunting, and sometimes outright not doable. You may think to yourself, “How in the world am I going to get this done, let along start it. I cannot move mountains!”

move mountains

Let me tell you a little secret. No person is able to move mountains, as a whole. If you want to move a mountain you need to start small. Just like what Confucius said.

I have a story for you. 🙂 A few years ago we had a big yard project that we wanted to get finished. We have a hill in our backyard. About 15 feet of that hill was covered with the most ugly juniper bush. The rest of the hill is grass, beautiful grass.

Above the ugly juniper was our grow boxes. Below the juniper bush was out cement patio and pergola. Our goal was to take out the juniper bush, dig out the dirt, and build a retaining wall. We wanted to make that once ugly juniper hill a sandbox and small brick patio.

I could not find a before picture that had the juniper bush in it.

Looking at the before picture we thought, “Holy cow! This is going to take forever and we can move mountains.” I’m not going to lie. It was a big project. And it did take forever. But we were able to accomplish this big task by doing one small thing at a time.

Eddy spent HOURS outside getting that juniper bush out of the hill. Then as he started to dig out the hill of dirt we realized there were rocks of varying size. As Eddy was digging he would separate the rocks and dirt.

Guys, he was using a hand shovel to dig this out! A hand shovel!!! At one point my sweet husband mentioned that he should rent something to dig it out. I asked him how much that would cost. After he answered I told him that he could do it by hand. I’m such a jerk! We saved money. We did not save time…

Oh, let me also add that I had really bad morning sickness at this time. I was literally NO help. I laid on the couch thinking I was going to die. So Eddy worked on the dirt situation, helped with the kids, did most of the cooking and cleaning when he was home. He’s a rock star! My super hero!

So before you think I am the worst wife ever…

It ended up being a great thing that he hand dug out the dirt and separated the rocks. We used the rocks behind the retaining wall Eddy built as a water drainage system.

Okay, that dirt hill was pretty much as high as our fence. Our kiddos had a flipping blast playing in and around the dirt hill. I on the other hand did not love the constant dust and dirt coming into our house. Haha!

Even though we spend all summer and then more months before and after working on this huge project, we got it finished. Eddy worked on it a little at a time, one small stone at a time. Now our sandbox, patio, stairs, and grow boxes are beautiful and done.

Our small stones moved one at a time helped to build a beautiful place that we have loved the past year or two.

move mountains

Even if your mountain seems too big to even start, I want you to remember that all great things started with one small stone. And then another, and another. Then over time as the progress can be seen you still start to have faith in yourself.

So when your life seems like a mountain that it too big to deal with, I want you to know that YOU CAN DO IT!!! Just start small. By the end you will realized you can move mountains. Maybe go for a walk outside around the block. Then the next day walk another block.

Your small stone could be looking at yourself in the mirror and allowing yourself to say that you need some help. Your next small stone could be telling a loved one or reaching out to your doctor for help.

Each small stone can seem so scary. I remember sitting in my chair in my room holding my phone. I knew I needed to call my OBGYN and get some references. But, it was scary! Even scarier was calling the references and telling some complete stranger over the phone that I was depressed and needed help.

I remember calling my now therapist and leaving a message. I’m sure it was an awkward message to listen to.  Haha! It was one small stone, which sure felt like a mountain in and of itself. My next small stone was going to my first appointment with my therapist.

I want you to know that there are so many people in your lives that are cheering you on. They want, they need you to take that first small stone and move it. I bet they would love to help you. 🙂

What mountains have you moved that you want to brag about? What small stones did you start with?

My mountain that I want to brag about it getting myself help for my mental illnesses AND continuing to work on it every single day! Now I know that I can move mountains!

Xoxo, Steph

Here’s a link to my last week’s Sunday Motivation. Happy reading!

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