things don't go as planned

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Do you want to feel better about your day? Maybe have a laugh at my expense? Then this is perfect for you, when things don’t go as planned.

When things don’t go as planned how do you react? Do you get mad beyond belief? Do you shrug it off and think whatever? Or does it send you in a downward spiral of depression?

Today was one of those days where it felt like one thing after the other! I would get mad or frustrated. Then as time went on I was okay. Things just kept going crazy and I was starting to feel defeated.

I was just feeling off and super-duper tired! It’s Wednesday so I have a post to publish. I try to get them done early so I don’t have to write them the day of.

Yesterday was a busy day. With it being busy and Eddy and I both had things we needed to get done it made it hard to get my post finished. That’s life though, right? Sometimes you have to choose between good, better, and best.

I was so hopeful that today’s nap and quiet time would prove to be very successful. Successful in that my girls will have great naps or quiet times and that I would finish my post quickly. There were many things I needed to get done during nap time.

It started off with a bang! I mostly had my post finished. The girls were either napping or staying in their rooms. Then my eyelids decided it was time to quit on me. Gosh! Bad timing, sometimes when you take a quick power nap then your fine.

Power nap time! Wrong! It was a very deep and long nap. I doubt I would have heard a cannon go off next to me! And in that time my 3 year old had the time of her life with the house to “herself”. AHHHHH!

I vaguely woke up to her playing with my bird on the floor next to me. I was awake enough to notice that she had makeup and fingernail polish on. But I wasn’t awake enough to care. All that came out of my mouth before I fell back asleep was, “Put that away and go back to your room.”

Within a second I was out again. Sleep, wonderful sleep! I have no idea how much time went by before I woke up to my 3 year old in my face. And smelling funky. It was a mixture of essential oils and fingernail polish. I was up!

As we climbed up the stairs I was trying to think what we could do to get her to stay in her room during quiet time. Once in her room I asked for the makeup bag (which she climbed on the kitchen counter to get). I noticed an empty bottle of On Guard beadlets on her floor.

My first thought was thanks goodness that wasn’t medicine! A bunch of essential oil beadlets wasn’t nearly as bad as medicine. Which by the way she had to climb onto a different counter in the kitchen to get. Ug!

I then left her room, with her in it, and went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, guess what I saw on my face? Blue eye-shadow on my nose! It must have rubbed on her face onto mine.

I later found a pile of On Guard beadlets on her dresser. I’m glad she didn’t eat them all. You better believe they all went back into the bottle. I’m not wasting those!

I thought for sure this was going to be it for today. I can’t handle any more naughtiness.

WHY!!!! Why do I even think such things?! Here’s a list of things that happened the rest of the day. When it rains… haha

Trash and wind = me picking up the trash and recycle that has blown out of the cans 3 times! Come on garbage trucks get here so I don’t have to keep picking it up!

Toilet overflowing – I hear my son yelling for me when he’s in the bathroom. He had flushed the toilet because there was a ton of toilet paper in it. It was so full that it waterfalled (totally making that a word) over the side when I put the plunger in an inch.

There was so much water coming out that it spread all the way to the other side of the bathroom. I’m talking under both washer and dryer and about to the door. It was about 9 feet. It was also enough water that wrappers from under the washer and dryer came out and were floating! (Please don’t judge me by the grossness… haha)

About 7 towels later and squeezing extra water from the towels a few times it was as cleaned up as it was going to get. I’m hoping all the water just went under the washer and dryer and didn’t stay there.

Extra wash for the day : one

Dinner went well thanks to having friends over for dinner. But bedtime is a whole new story!

The kids were hyper from having friends over and being crazy. I got my baby ready for bed and was rocking her in her room. The big kids should have been brushing their teeth, going potty, and getting in their pj’s.

Really so simple, right? It’s the same thing Every Single Night. My 16 month old was not wanting to be laid down like she normally does. So when I heard the sadness of my 3 year old I went out to see what was going on.

Soap on her toothbrush! What? Why? UG! I stepped into the bathroom to clean it off when I noticed my son had soaked the empty toilet paper roll (my bad for leaving it on the counter to recycle. I guess I won’t be saving the world because the next time it’s going in the trash!).

But that’s not all. He decided it was a good idea to break it apart and put as much as he could on the mirror. Yep, that’s right! He can’t be trusted to brush his teeth without making a mess. I told him he needed to clean it up and finish getting ready for bed.

things don't go as planned

Try number two to lay baby girl down. I went back into her room to stand and hold her. The music was playing, I was humming. For sure she would want to sleep. I was getting nervous when I could hear my big kids laughing in their bathroom. Totally not a good sign.

The scene: my 3 year old standing and squatting on the counter and half way in the sink. The sink is running and she has white covering her one leg from the knee down. My son laughing and his hands are white. My 5 year old was standing with white hands as well.

SUNBLOCK!!!! Yes, it is very important to get sunblock on your bodies. We have fair skin so the sun is not our favorite. But the sun is not out now and you do not need sunblock! I told them they needed to clean this up right now and go to bed.

This time I went into my room to sit and rock with my baby. She will usually fall asleep quickly when we do this. She was fighting it! And it was not happening.

things don't go as planned
Yep! 100% this was me alllll day long!

After what seemed like forever I decided it was going to have to be tough love. I had to lay her down in bed so I could help get the big kids in bed. She only cried for a minute or so thank goodness.

The big kids did clean up the bathroom. They did a good job. they also did a great job of using pretty much every towel we had. The carpet is also soaked in many places. Halfway down the hall from the bathroom. The bottom 4 stairs and the landing.

Oh and a bunch a soaking towels that had been thrown down the stairs. What the heck!!!???

Extra wash for today: two or three depending on how many towels I’m wanting to shove into the washer…

Oh, are you wondering were Eddy was in all this? He was just working a short 12 hour shift with a commute of about an hour total.

Once I am totally calmed down and the day is past I will be able to laugh at all the things that have happened today. And I am going to come up with a better plan for nap time and bedtime. I’d love to hear your ideas for a smooth nap and bedtime? Get ready for a post coming soon to help when things don’t go as planned.

Xoxo, Steph

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  1. That’s a worst day ever award day! Thoughts, keep your makeup and oils behind lock and key. I think the tough love was a good idea, Because If you instruct them to “get ready for bed”, without you supervising, they likely will goof off, so instead, they are to read while you put baby to bed. . Then when baby is to bed, like a drill sargent, keep an eye on them as they get ready for bed.

    1. Haha! It was a pretty bad day. I was thinking of locking up our medicines, that’s just too scary to think about them getting into. We normally all get ready at the same time while I’m getting my baby ready. So it’s easier to keep an eye on them. Then they usually read while I’m laying the others down. It was just a darn right lame day! Haha!

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