Impossible: Sunday Motivation

What is something you have done that seemed impossible? I am sure you have done many things that have seemed impossible. I sure have!

What is something you have done that seemed impossible? I am sure you have done many things that have seemed impossible. I sure have! Just like our quote today, once it was done you might have thought, well that wasn’t too bad. Or it was and you are glad it is over.


I have given birth 4 times unmediated. I say this because I am dang proud of myself. There was a point in each of my children’s births that I thought I’m out! Give me the medicine. This is impossible! I cannot do this!

Then I remember something, this was my choice. This was something I wanted to do and try. With my first labor I didn’t know what to expect. It was kind of nice not knowing. It was also SCARY not knowing. I didn’t know how long it might be. I didn’t know how much pain I would be in.

Fast forward to my second labor and I knew. I knew it was going to be painful and hurt like heck! The saving grace was once labor started it STARTED! I went from a 3 to having her in just less than an hour. Even if I begged for an epidural there wasn’t enough time.

With my third labor we had planned to have Eddy help deliver her if everything was going smoothly. Everything went so smoothly and quick that there was not time for him to help. Two and a half pushes and she was here.

When I was in labor with my fourth we invited my mom to come. I loved it, such a sweet experience to share with her. I’m pretty sure she thought Eddy should have been doing more… haha! When I am having a contraction, don’t touch me! HAHA!!

This labor I went from having a walk around the hospital to starting to have contractions that made me stop. We must have been back in our room less than 30 minutes before our daughter was born. I pushed once, but not push her out. She was crowning and no one was there to catch her.

Each time I was scared and thought I was doing something that was impossible. Surly this can’t be done! What gave me hope was knowing that thousands and thousands of women all over the world have given birth. After my first I knew I could do it.

What was once impossible totally became possible.

It just always seems like I won’t be able to do it until it’s done.

So in life when you are faced with something that seems impossible you need to believe in yourself! You need to tell yourself that it might be hard but you can do it. It just takes moving one small stone at a time and then that mountain will be moved.

What is something you felt was not possible but you totally crushed it? Or just barley did it?

Xoxo, Steph

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  1. It was such a sweet experience to be there for the last birth. I was so proud of you and I thought Eddy did a great job of supporting you!!

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