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Go Beyond: Sunday Motivation

What do you think of when you hear go beyond? I think of pushing hard to keep going or never stop giving up. This is a good Sunday Motivational quote today!

Happy Easter!! That is if you celebrate Easter. Today’s Sunday Motivation quote is a good one. I know I say that every week. But, guys, there are some amazing quotes out there that can help us become our best selves, and like today’s quote, help us go beyond what we thought was possible.

Go Beyond

I have had knee issues for so many years. I don’t know if it was years of playing volleyball, genetics, or possibly some untreated issue. Maybe all three? My point is it has stopped me from doing things I would love or would love to try.

I know my limits with my knees and now my hips. I would love to get back into running. Right now that is a hard no! I remember asking a PT (physical therapist) years ago if I should just give up on the idea of running.

To my happy surprise he said “no, you can get there”. I almost cried happy tears right then and there.

I do know that this is not the time. It takes me awhile to build up to being able to run. Then I would get pregnant and I would have to stop. It was stop running or pee my pants. Haha! Then I got to the point that it was even hard to walk.

I know my limits with my body and the pains that I have. Now that I know them I can go beyond them. I take things easy but I am pushing my body. My two favorite things right now is walking and yoga.

When I am consistent with walking I can pick up the pace and I can tell a different in my pain level, meaning there is less. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! My body is starting to crave yoga. It just feels amazing.

In my fitness journey over the years I have had better times of being more fit and some pretty lazy times. What I have learned is when I am consistent my body will go beyond what I thought was it’s limit.

Then the most awesome thing happens. I just hit a knew limit that I can go beyond. This will keep happening until I am able to run and compete in triathlons again. Or I can run after my kids and not pay for it in the coming days.

What limits do you have that you just can’t wait to push and go beyond? Let’s work on them together. Let’s cheer each other on. I cannot wait to hear the amazing things you do!

Xoxo, Steph

Here’s a link to last week’s Sunday Motivation. Happy Reading my friends. 🙂

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