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Sunday Motivation: Happiness

It seems like everyone is thinking more about gratitude when November rolls around. This weeks Sunday Motivation is about happiness and appreciation.

Happy November!! Who is excited for this month? I sure am. 🙂 We have some birthdays around here to celebrate, mine and Miss S. Over Thanksgiving my two sisters that live out of town will be coming home! And we have a surprise, well for the kiddos so we are going to keep a lid on it until our kiddos know.

With Thanksgiving in just a few short weeks I have been thinking more about gratitude. Anyone else? I have decided to find gratitude-ish quotes for November ‘s Sunday Motivations. I also want to do a special post every Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Ain’t that the truth right there?! Sometimes I feel I’ll be happy when….

  • I lose the baby weight
  • everything in the house is organized
  • we are out of school debt
  • I don’t loose my cool so often and easily with my kids
  • I get more sleep

Instead I should be thinking:

  • my body was able to grow, deliver, and feed 4 beautiful healthy babies
  • I have a house that protects us
  • Eddy and I were both able to get good educations and jobs
  • I get to be around my kiddos most all day everyday
  • you know. I just might be happier with more sleep! 😉

I’m sure most of us have been there done that with thinking I”ll be happy when… Sometimes it really feels that way. Other times once I get out of that thinking I am able to find joy and gratitude in what I do have. It makes it easier to have more appreciation.

I feel like appreciating something is also being grateful for it. It is important to appreciate and be grateful for the things we have. It can be so darn easy to take things for granted. So this week let’s all try to appreciate what we do have and less on dwelling what we don’t have. In the end we will be happier!

What are some things you find yourself thinking I’ll be happier when…? Let’s all try to choose happiness for what we have.



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  1. Great post! Elder Utchdorf says, “instead of being thankful for things, we focus on being thankful in our circumstances, whatever they may be.” I’m in the process of reading a great book that reminds me to live in today, not ruminate about the past, and not only dream of the future. So I know I can be happy when….I fully live in the present, even though it can be a challenge.

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