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Sunday Motivation: Love is Powerful

Love is powerful. Love yourself and those around you. Love can help change so many things.

How would our world look if we loved more? Would we be as hard on ourselves if we loved ourselves more? Love is powerful. Love can be the answer to many questions. If we love someone won’t we be willing to do more for them, support them more, and be there for them?


If you can love yourself and believe in you then you will be strong enough and good enough for you. When I love me I tend to be more forgiving and less hard on myself. Then I am able to be happier and less stressed. When I am happier my little corner of the world is happier.

I am more able to love those around me and take care of myself. Taking care of me needs to be a priority. If I give me some self care then I am able to give more to those around me. I want to be a good example to my children. So taking care of me, my family, friends, and others is something my children need to see me doing and talking about.

How amazing would it be if everyone was just a bit more loving and tried to be the great in the world? I think the place to start is love and example. Because being a good example speaks volumes above talking about it. And love is powerful!

My friends, let’s try this week to be more loving. Let’s try to be the great in the world and see the changes we can make.


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