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6 Ways to Be Less Stressed This Summer: Part 2

Part two is here! 3 more ways to help you be less stressed this summer. Some of the ideas might surprise you… Take a look.

I am sure you have been waiting in pain for part two of my be less stressed this summer. haha! It’s okay if you haven’t, I still like you. 🙂 In case you missed part one, here it is.

Daily List For Hubby and I

The daily lists for my kids have been really helpful. They know what they need to do each day. I don’t know about you but we get a lot of flack from the kids saying that we (Eddy and I) do not do much around the house.

Really!? If they only knew… haha. Someday they will and I will be one happy mama! But, until then I thought it would be helpful for my kids to see that mom and dad have a list of things they need to do each day as well.

Currently I have not made them but I will. I have been thinking of the things I want to have on my list. Eddy may or may not know that this is coming… Once he knows then he can create his list.

Less stressed for summer

Not only will this show our kids that we have responsibilities we need to do daily, it will also help keep us more accountable. Who doesn’t want that? When we know what we need to do and it is clearly laid out it will help keep our stress down.

The key though, is to have a handful of things to do. We don’t need a huge long list that is impossible to get through. That WILL stress us out. Not what we want. 🙂


Name a cleaning system and I’m sure I have tried it. Or at least thought about doing it. I have been through so many cleaning systems. A few stuck for a bit until our life changed.

When we were first married I would go to the grocery store while Eddy cleaned our tiny apartment. It was awesome. We did it that way a few times. Then Eddy asked if we were going to do our deal. Um, yep, we sure are!

After moving into our second apartment and having a baby I tried different ways. I didn’t like splitting it up on different days. I felt I was always cleaning. Doing everything was a better fit for us.

Now that we have a house and 4 kids making MESSES we needed something new. At least for the summer while everyone is home we do it this way. It truly has been so helpful.

This year I added something I think will work perfectly! It’s only been a few days but so far, I’m loving it! I bought a pocket chart with 12 pockets. One for each day of the week, Monday thru Saturday. Then one for each family member.

We put each kiddo’s cleaning sticks in their pocket. When they finish with each stick they put it back into the day’s pocket. It will take a little time to get this down. I love the ease and organization.

less stressed this summer

And with the kids doing a lot of the cleaning I don’t feel like that’s all I’m every doing. This summer I am going to adapt to add Eddy and I. Yes, we do a lot of the cleaning, and yes, it’s way more then the kiddos.

But, going along with our daily list I want to show the kids we are cleaning. I will be updating our cleaning sticks so everyone will be able to do each day expect for Sundays.

Whatever and however you choose to do your cleaning you need to keep it the same. This will help reduce summer stress. If you choose to clean on the same day, then make it a habit. If you want to brake it up and do a little each day then make a plan.

Kids Will Be Bored, Let Them

This one may surprise you but it’s true. You kids will get bored, heck, you may get bored. Let me tell you a secret…IT’S OKAY!! It is totally and completely okay to let your kids get bored.

Once you move past feeling like you need to entertain them 100% of the time you will be less stressed this summer for sure!

In fact have you heard that once kids get bored it can help their imagination? Crazy, right? It doesn’t stop there. Having your kids be bored has also been linked to:

  • teaching your child “grit”
  • develop problem solving skills
  • build confidence
  • can help improve mental health
  • might help kids from relationships
  • make their childhood happier
  • can create a sense of belonging

Being able to play by themselves and figure out how to entertain them is a huge skill they NEED to learn. They will not learn that if we are constantly saving them when they say. “I’m bored!”

You should click on both of the links a few paragraphs above. They both have good insight as to why it’s important for our kids to get bored.

Two things I do and will continue to do this summer is:

  • Give each of my kiddos quiet time in their own space. During nap time my baby sleeps in a pack n play in my room so my 3 year old can do quiet time in their room. My 5 year old does quiet time in her room. While my 7 year old goes to the playroom or family.
  • When my kiddos say, “I’m bored” I will let them be bored. I will remind them that it is okay to be bored. By reminding them that they have great imaginations I hope to help them gain confidence in themselves.

So the next time you hear “I’m bored” I hope you will be less stressed this summer and realize you are doing a great job! Kids need to be bored!

And that’s it. Make a daily to do list for the adults in the house, come up with a simple cleaning schedule, and let your cute kiddos be bored. That rounds of the last 3 ways to be less stressed this summer.

And I’m pretty sure that most of these 6 ideas can be used all throughout the year. You may need to make some adjustments, but you can do it.

Now that you will be less stressed this summer you can focus that energy on something more worth while, like you. Or your family. Maybe a project you have wanted to do but never got around to. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Happy stress free summer. Or at least a less stressed summer. 🙂

Xoxo, Steph

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