Setting 2022 up to Be Your Best Year Ever

This is going to be the best year yet, totally cheesy! But really! Read to learn how to set up 2022 for success.

It really seems like yesterday it was 2000 and the world was flipping out! Haha! Now, 22 years later, here we are in 2022! Can you believe it? It’s crazy. It’s exciting. We get to start fresh.

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Well…kind of. You can choose to start fresh on a whole bunch of stuff or start off fresh with baby steps. So, I guess we are starting out fresh in 2022.

We are going to start out fresh with taking baby steps to creating a better life for ourselves. Are you ready to jump in with two feet with me?? I sure hope so.

In the past I have been gung-ho about new year’s resolutions. I was not successful with them. Then I stopped and felt like a failure.

Sound familiar?


Then the whole pick a word for the year thing came around.

I wanted to do it, but it didn’t fit with me. And deep down I knew I would “fail” at that also.

So, then what?


When I started to work on creating habits that truly helped me to become a better person, I hit gold. 😊

I’m going to walk you through how to do it. And give you some awesome sauce printables to help you. Whoop!

Step 1: Goals

You first need to make a list of goals you want to accomplish, work on, get better at, etc. You need to realize this is not a list of EVERYTHING you want to do in your whole entire lifetime.

Be realistic here my friends. Pick a couple of goals you want to work on. Then write those goals down.

Be sure to keep this written paper in a safe, but well viewed spot (next to your bed, mirror in your bathroom, your fridge).

This year I’m going to try this sentence frame:

I want to ___________ because _________.

My hope is that when I explain my why I will be more motivated to keep working on my goals.

Step 2: Habit Trackers

Now that you have a few goals thought out, written down, and hung in a highly viewed area you get to pick your habit tracker.

Why a habit tracker? Simple. It will help keep you motivated and self-regulated. Checking off a box or adding a check mark helps me to feel good about myself.

Here’s the fun part. Head to my shop to get a FREE download of my habit trackers. They normally are a paid printable. But use the code FreeHT2022 for a free download. Woohoo!

Download, then pick out which habit tracker fits you and your goals. Then print. Lastly hang it up (hint, hint next to your goals… mmmm, that’s a good idea Steph. Haha!)

And that is it! Easy, right? Well, this is the easy part.

The hard part? Working on your goals and staying motivated to keep going. Even when you get stuck or stop.

We are going to do this TOGETHER! Are you ready for the exciting part?

This is my year long series. WHAT!?

That’s right! This year my focus in my year long series will be helping me, you, and everyone how to have their best year. Yep, sounds totally cheesy!

But I love it!

Stay tuned for next month and a new way to have a great year.

Last year my year long series was mental health and stress (finishing the last few this January). You can read all the posts here:

I do have my year long series planned out for 2022. If you have something that you would like to see and have me incorporate, please comment below, or send me a message via social or email.

Thanks my friends! This is going to be a rockin’ year! 2022 here we COME!!!

Xxx, Steph

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