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Why You Should NOT Make Resolutions This Year

I’m going to convince you to not make resolutions this year! I have an even better plan for you this year. You might even accomplish all of your ideas.

Yep! I totally said it. Do not make resolutions this year. I might be the only one crazy enough to say it. But I did. And I’ll say it again. 🙂 Don’t make resolutions this year.


I’m sure you are wondering why. First, let me share a story with you.

It’s the new year and you start thinking of things you want to change. Have you been there? I sure have. I make a list of resolutions that I want to work on.

Some things on my list are: eat healthier, workout, write in my journal, be happy, etc. These are not bad things. They are great and wonderful things.

resolutions this year

Let’s look at my list in a week or two. It’s the same. But have I made better choices? Yes and no. I have made some effort but also struggled.

Another week or two or maybe a month go by. It’s the same thing. I have accomplished a few of the things but others just fell off my plate. Now I feel like a failure. Or maybe you forgot what your resolutions were??

A part of me just wants to give up. A part of me wants to keep going. But it is so hard. I slipped back into my old habits. Habits that I have worked years getting really good at.

This list of new resolutions stays just that, a list on paper.

resolutions this year

Does this sound familiar? Each year you think THIS is the year to acutally make your list a reality.

This is why I really encourage you to NOT make resolutions this year. I have a better idea and plan for you. Are you ready?

No More Resolutions This Year

Instead lets work on making habits! I know, you might be thinking, Steph it’s not that different.

Let me assure you it is totally different. Making a list of resolutions with fingers crossed that you will accomplish them is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than making habits.


Another great question… haha

What Makes Habits So Great?

When you create a habit you are actually changing the way you do something and making it automatic. Instead of hoping you will magically get up at 6:00 am every morning. You will be creating waking up at 6:00 am a habit.

Habits may take up to 21 days (or longer) to create. This is one reason why I like working on habits instead of resolutions. You are actively trying and working on something day in and day out.

Instead of just listing it on paper you have to try and work to change your mind to make something a habit.

Once something is a habit you are much more likely to keep doing it. You do not need to think about it as much. It is just something you do.

How Do I Make Something a Habit?

This is the exciting part! I am going to take this year to work on making some goals of mine into habits. Are you with me? I sure hope so because I have some great resourses for you.

One is my habit tracker bundle. 🙂 Use code Freehabit to get yours for free. 🙂

Step 1: List Time

It is time for you to make a list of goals or things you want to make into habits. Think of big and little things that you want to make into habits. Simple things like putting your shoes away when you get home to big things like losing 50 lbs.

Take any paper and put some music on. Then start thinking and writing down anything you want to create into a habit.

Step 2: Organize Your List

If you have been around here for a bit than you know I love to have things organized. It really helps me with so many things. And when you are working with lists, organizing them is no exception.

You can pick a few categories (health, cleaning, sleep, mental health, self care, food, etc.) and assign them a different color. Then go through your list and highlight all the things that are under your health category.

Do this for all categories until all of your ideas have been highlighted. You can leave it like this. But if you need a clean version go ahead and make a new list page with categories.

Step 3: Think About Time and Importance

This is when you get to think about the time you have and which items on your list are the most important for you to work on first. You want to pick ONE or TWO items from your list that are of most importance for you to work on now.

A big goal that I have is working on my morning routine. There are a lot of parts involved with a morning routine. Too many for me to be successful with them all at the same time. I need to break them up.

For me, that involves getting more sleep and getting up at the same time consistently. When I’m well rested I am happier, more calm, can think more clearly, and accomplish more, etc.

When I can consistently get up at the same time AND be well rested I will be able to than work on the next part of my ideal morning routine.

Take a look at your list and pick one of the most important areas you want to work on. Then take that area and break it down. Make another list, if needed, that details all the mini habits you will need to create in order to be successful at your big habit goal.

Step 4: Pick Your Habit Tracker

Why a habit tracker? It is not enough to simiply say I want to start getting up at 6:00 am every day. I need to start getting up every day at 7:00 am (it’s all about baby steps over here).

I will pick the tracker that I like the best (don’t worry you can snag your habit tracker bundle for free). Fill it out and hang it in the place that makes the most sense.

If you have a food habit you are working on than hanging your tracker in the kitchen is probably the best choice. Since mine is waking up at 7:00 am, I will hang my tracker by my bed. That way when I get up, AND out, of bed I can fill out my habit tracker.

Step 5: Keep Going

When I can consistently get up at 7:00 am I am going to move the time up to 6:30 am. Then when I am getting up at 6:30 am I will move it up to 6:00 am, which is my ultimate goal or habit I want to create.

Now what? It’s time to pick a new habit from your master list. What you pick is totally up to you. You can pick something from the same category or completely switch gears for a bit.

Once you have a new habit you want to create continue on with steps 3-5.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep it simple. Breaking down your goals into small habits will help you be more successful.
  • Only work on a few at a time at the most. If you want to do a few simple ones (like putting your shoes away right when you get home, or putting folded laundry right away, or sorting your mail the second it comes inside) and work on a bigger goal/habit at the same time (waking up at 7:00 am, eating 5+ servings of produce each day) go for it. Just make sure you have habit trackers that will help keep you accountable with all the habits you are creating at the same time.
  • Tell your family and friends what you are doing. This might help then want to join you in creating habits. It will also help you because someone else knows what you are doing and might ask you about it.
  • Share on social media what your plans are and update every so often. Two years ago I started doing monthly goal posts. By publicly stating what I was working it really helped me to keep working on them even when I didn’t want to.
  • Start small and work your way up to harder or bigger goals.
  • Pick something that will help you accomplish future habits. (ie. waking up earlier to help with my morning routine)

Have I convinced you to not make resolutions this year and instead make habits? I hope I have helped you to see that habits will have a longer lasting effect on your life and choices than making resolutions this year and for years to come.

A habit I want to create this year is writing posts with steps you can use to help you with making your goals into habits. I have some ideas, but if you have anything you want me to focus on please drop a comment below and I will add it into my posts.

I’m so excited to see what you can accomplish this year with changing your goals into habits and NOT making resolutions this year.

Again, grab your free copy of the Habit Printable Bundle here, use code Freehabit. 🙂

XXX, Steph

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  1. This is awesome and much better than “new years resolutions “. Habits are best when done small scale, I just learned that from the book, Tiny Habits.
    Happy New Year, and cheers to accomplishing our habits!

    1. Thanks Cynthia! Small scale is the only way for me to be super successful. I’ve heard of that book. Would you reccomend it? Happy New Year’s to you as well!

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