Simplifying Printables

Here are the FREE printables for you to start simplifying your life right now. 19 pages of fun!

Get excited! Get pumped! The simplifying printables are ready and here! I’m pretty stoked to get these babies printed up. Then I can get started with my 3 steps today. It is going to be a LONG road for me but I got to start somewhere. I keep imagining what my house will look and most importantly what it will feel like when I am done or even in the process. I imagine less stress and less stuff laying around. I can imagine a place for everything. Woohoo!

With these printables you too can get started today. Remember to look at this post to help you get started on this simplifying journey. Or take it back to the beginning to see why I started this journey in this post. Included in the Simplifying Printable Packet is a “blank” page each for head, house, and health. Then you will find one page for hopefully every kind of room you can think of in your house. I only made one bathroom and one bedroom. If you have more then one then you can either combine more then one on the same page. But if it makes more sense to split them up then just print off as many pages for bedroom and bathroom that you might need. Don’t forget to label which bathroom and bedroom each page is. In the pack you will also find one page for mental health and one page for physical health. And that, my friends, rounds out the Simplifying Printable Packet.

To get your free printables click on the images below. If you are just interested in the house ones then click on Simplify your house. If you want just the head ones, click on Simplify your head. If health is what you want then click on Simplify your health. However, if you are doing it all, then click on Simplify your house, head, and health picture. I’d love to see what you are working on. Please share with me your progress, your success moments, or maybe a fail (because we will all have some of those). Reach out if you have any questions. 🙂

Full disclosure…This is the very first time that I have added printables onto a blog post. There will most likely be problems that come up. Just shoot me a comment or an email and I’ll work my fastest to fix any problems.

Thanks and HAPPY simplifying!!




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