How To Set Up a Home Gym In 4 Easy Steps

Ready to set up an home gym? Then you need to read this article. I outline the steps in setting up your home gym and induced many pictures of our gym.

Do you like to work out? Is going to a gym not in the picture? It is possible to have a great workout in your own home. I’m sharing how we set up our home gym. Get pumped! 🙂

When you are setting up a home gym you need to take a few minutes to:

  • Think about how you will use the space
  • Where do you have space to set up a home gym
  • What exercises will you do
  • How much equipment do you already have
  • And what will you need to buy

These are the general questions you need to think about. There may be more or less, but let’s just stick to these for now.

Most of these questions my hubby, Eddy, got to answer. He wanted to have a home gym again. He was willing to not have a parking spot in the garage (CRAZY!! haha). And I hadn’t given him a birthday and father’s day present.

Don’t think I’m rude… 🙂 His presents for both holidays was knowing that when we got the space cleaned out in the garage then he could pick a few things he wanted in the home gym. So it worked out well for him.

He wanted a squat rack, a punching bag, and an ab roller. Watch out, some sexy abs may be coming! haha

It took us months to get to the point where we had gotten rid of enough stuff so we could set up our home gym. It was a very happy day! We went through a lot of cleaning, dejunking, selling things, and a few trips to the DI. It was sooooo worth it!

Before we started planning how to set up our home gym we sat down and made a plan. We wrote down everything we wanted to do, needed to do, and a list of things to buy.

Home Gym

How will you use the space?

As you are thinking about where to create your home gym you also need to be thinking about the things you want to do in your gym. If you want to just walk on the treadmill then making you gym will be easier and you will need less space.

Home Gym

Let’s say you want to be able to lift weights and do many different exercises. Well, my friend. you will need more space and more equipment.

Now that you have an idea of what you will do in your space it is time to decide where your gym will go.

Where to put a home gym?

You need to think of all the places where you can set up a home gym. For us, we only had one option. It was the garage. So that is were we focused our attention to.

Some other places you could put a home gym is in an extra bedroom, a mini gym in your family room or bedroom, garage, shed, basement, Any space that has enough space for what you want is good enough.

How much equipment do you have? & What exercises will you do?

If you already have some equipment, that’s awesome! There is no need to purchase what you already have. Use it and fill in the gaps with more equipment.

This is also a great time to think about the different exercises you may want to do. Don’t forget to make a list to keep them fresh and remembered. This will help you to know what you may need to buy. Which leads me to the last one…

What do you need to buy?

The first thing you need to do is make a budget. How much are willing and able to spend on your home gym gear? Now that you have a budget you get to make a list of what you want to buy.

As you are making that list make sure you do your homework. Check out Facebook, thrift shops, and second hand sport stores. There is no reason you can buy something used.

Check prices from different places to see if you can find what you want cheaper at another place. Then get purchasing your new gym items.

The FUN Part

Getting things set up is always the best! Am I right? Once Eddy had the area swept he laid random carpet pieces down to help protect the cement floor.

Ideally it’s nice to have all of your equipment ready when setting things up. We didn’t have the squat rack so we used the measurements to help us know where we could or could not put it.

The one thing I wanted was the treadmill to face the window. Once that was moved we were able to figure out where everything else could go.

This is am important part of setting your home gym up, or any room. You want to either mentally see where things go, draw the room, or make your objects out of post it notes so you can “move things around the room” as you figure out how it should be set up.

We still have a few finishing touches but we need to wait until we have paid for a few big expenses (AC and medical). But for now our home gym is ready for us to start using. Woohoo!

Well, for Eddy to start using. I have been walking on the treadmill. But I’m stoked to use the weights.

Before and After Pictures!

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What is your preference; a home gym or going to a gym? Tell me why in the comments. Happy working out!

Xoxo, Steph

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