Sunday Motivation: Positive Attitude

It’s Sunday so that means it’s time for another Sunday Motivation quote. Let’s choose to have positive attitude
because in the end it will help.

AHHH! This one is a little late in the evening. I started writing last night while I was nursing Miss N. I tried to delete the picture so I could type below it (working on my phone and it makes things more difficult). When I logged in this afternoon to finish writing the picture was there but no words…cue the sad violins. Then I reread the quote and guess what? I thought about the positive attitude part… I guess I was just meant to write something different then I had planned. πŸ™‚

I love this quote! It’s so true; how we think, positively or negatively, can really effect us. Just like when I was getting mad and annoyed about accidentally deleting what I wrote the first time last night. I was being negative. Honestly it was easier. Sometimes being positive is harder then being negative. It’s the outcome that will have the bigger impact.

Putting forth hard work usually pays off in the end. So now that my negative attitude is gone and I have a positive attitude, I have power over my circumstance. And that feels great! So instead of being mad and frustrated I am okay and happy. I didn’t let my circumstance have power over me, well, for too long. πŸ˜‰

You know what they say about hind sight don’t you? πŸ™‚ I hope this can help at least one person have a positive attitude over a negative one about anything today. Remember you are worth it! You are loved! And I want you to know that even though choosing to be positive can be difficult, the little ray of light while you feel like you are in the deep hole is a life line wanting to pull you out. Grab on to it and don’t let go.


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