Sunday Motivation: Better Things Ahead

Sunday Motivation is here!! Look to the future and try to forget the past, the parts that are not good. There are better things ahead.

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a relaxing day so far. Today’s Sunday Motivation quote comes from C. S. Lewis. What I love about it, besides the fact that it is true, is the freedom it can give. There are better things ahead.

I think about the times I lost my temper at my children or Eddy. I remember doubting myself or someone else. The fears of depression or failure that I have had in the past creep in.

These 12 words are very powerful and inspiring! They can give hope that the future can be better. They inspire me to try to forget the past, at least the bad parts. I want to remember the good and the joy. I can feel a sense of relief when reading or thinking about these words by C. S. Lewis because someone else is telling me to basically forget the past and look forward.

I also like the feeling of thinking about the better things ahead. I know we may have hard times that we think are never going to end or always repeat. But I want you to think about this quote often and realize you too have great things in your future. You are worth it!


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