Fun Halloween Things To Do In Your City

There are so many fun Halloween things to do in your city. I have made a list of some Halloween fun, what other ones can you find?

When you think of Halloween what is something you think of when it comes to activities? Today’s post is going to be a simple one. I am going to give you a list of some fun Halloween things to do in your city. Or at least I hope your city has some of these activities.

Haunted Houses

I can honestly say it has been YEARS since I have been to a haunted house. Eddy and I have never been to one. So it’s been at least 13 years. Crazy pants! Maybe we need to fix that this year…

Some of my favorite memories of haunted houses:

  • When my older sister went to one for her birthday party, she was about 8. So I would have been 6. Not sure what my parents were thinking…haha love you two! The guy dressed up as a doctor had a freaking huge needle and he said something to me, pointing that thing at me. Scared me crazy. Then one of the girls lost her shoes in the tires we had to walk through. Now, they are some funny memories.
  • Once when I was in high school, I got so scared when one of the workers, again dressed up as a doctor that I shoved the swinging door on him. Sorry dude! Maybe there is a doctor theme…
  • Seeing grown men have their pants scared off of them. HAHAHA!

Corn Mazes

I know of at least 3 different corn mazes close by me. They are fun and usually not scary. This makes them friendlier for young kids. Just don’t be throwing ears of corn over the corn stalks! One hit one of my best friends in her temple. Painful!

Pumpkin Patch

kids picking pumpkins 2017


There are some very cool pumpkin patches. Some are in fields where you can actually pick the pumpkin. Others have pumpkins in big bins for you to pick. It is always a fun activity for my kids.

Scary Movies in Theaters

I used to be less of a scaredy-cat then I am now. I used to love watching scaring movies; never alone, always with other people. However, now I don’t care for them. I bet you could find some good scary movies in theaters near you during October.


Years ago I went to go see What Lies Beneath with my friend, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s younger brother. I scream when I get scared. So we are watching the movie and I keep screaming because I keep getting scared. At one point someone in the theater yells, “Stop screaming, you’re scaring us!” And the boyfriend’s younger brother would scream after I screamed. Bahaha! I love it!


Mr. E in recycle can costume

Some communities have a trunk-or-treat to help keep kiddos safer on Halloween night. They set up in a parking lot or inside a large building. Kids can go from car to car (for person to person) to go trunk-or-treating.

And, the main event on Halloween…Trick-or-treating! My four year old is excited to go get candy, try a few, then go to bed. Haha! She remembers what we do on Halloween. 🙂

Google Search

If you want to find something different in your city then head to Google. You can do a search- fun Halloween activities in (your city). You can change activities to: attractions, events, outings, locations, etc.

Halloween can be a very fun and spooky time. I hope you are able to get out and find some scary fun in the great city you live in. Let’s help each other out, if you find any fun Halloween things to do in your city share in the comments. We’d love to hear about the things you find.


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