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A Sure Way to Meet Your Summer Goals

It is summer and it’s time to get on track with creating and keeping your goals. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your summer goals.

Goal making can be fun. Keeping and meeting the goals can be a challenge. Then throw in the kids being home all the time, family trips, trying to keep everyone happy, and everything else that summer brings. Making and accomplishing your goals can be HARD! Summer goals are no execption.

I’m here to save you. 😊 Follow the steps below and put in some hard work on your end and I bet you’ll be able to accomplish some goals in the next few months.

You got this!!

List Time

Take some time to think what you want to work on or a goal you have wanted to accomplish for awhile now. As you think write everything down. The big and small.

As you are looking at your list think about 1-3 things that you could work on in the next few months. If it is something you are excited about and really want to do, then go for it.

You found your 1-3 goals for the summer. Woohoo!

Write Out Your Goal(s)

I’m going to suggest you write out your goals in two different ways. It will make sense, promise.

Write a list of the goal(s) you want to work on this summer. I’ll explain why in a bit.

I also want you to write down your goal, you can use as much detail as you want. I also want you to write WHY you want to work on this goal. The why is just as important as the what.

The purpose, the drive behind your goal will drive you to keep working on it.

Hang Up Your Goal(s)

Remember the written list you made of your goal(s)? You are going to hang it up in a place that you will see at least once a day. The more the better! You can even put it up in different places: your car, the fridge, your bathroom mirror, or next to your bed.

Say it Out Loud

Every time you see your goals, I want you to read it. Read it out loud. Read it in your head. Keep reading and reminding yourself what you are working on. This part is helping you to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

As a bonus, if you put it in a place that friends or family can see they might ask you about it. Then you will be able to tell them what you are working on. This will also help to motivate you.

summer goals

Tell Someone What You’re Up To

If you are like me you may need some extra help. I tell Eddy my goals so he can help me by holding me accountable. If you have someone close by or that you talk with often I suggest you tell them your goals.

Then ask them to ask you about them, check in on you, and encourage you.

Start Now

You do not need to wait for the beginning of the month, week, or for XYZ to end or start. Start today! The longer you put it off the longer it will be before you get your goal accomplished.

Start now! You’ll thank yourself.

Habit Tracker

Do you need something to keep you motivated? I have a bunch of habit trackers in my online shop that will do the trick. You can download them for all for FREE today. Click the link below and use the code ??????? at checkout.

How do they work? I’m glad you asked! Hee hee

Write your goal in the designated spot. If there is a place to fill out the date, goal end date, or any other information do that.

Hang your goal/habit tracker in a place you will see it daily. I find right next to my bed is a great spot for me. I can check in for the day and fill it out as part of my bedtime routine.

Each day or each time you have worked on your goal you can cross off, check off, or fill in whatever you need to for the tracker you picked.

Be Easy On Yourself

You are going to be your biggest critic. Don’t be hard on yourself! Be excited about all the little or baby steps that you take.

You may take 1 baby step forward and 3 backwards. It’s super hard, I know! But focus on that one baby step forward.

As my therapist has told me many times, you are making progress!

I’m so excited to have you work on your summer goals. Or maybe keep working on a goal that you have started but just needed a little kick in the bum. Haha!

You can do this! You are amazing! This is going to be a great summer!

I wonder what would happen if you did this with your kiddos? This might be a great thing to have them work on. Maybe it will give them something to do and not bug you that they are bored…

We are going to be working on individual goals in our house this summer. Are you with us?

Please share below, if you feel comfortable, what your goals are. Follow me on Instagram to see what goals I am working on this summer.

Xxx, Steph

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  1. Great tips and advice! Goal keeping in the summer can be a little harder because of so many other things going on! Thank you for sharing your insight!

  2. Great advice. I love making lists, and this is a great motivation for me. Saying the list out loud definitely makes things stick in my head too.

  3. Yes to hanging up a visual representation and being easy on yourself! Seeing something definitely keeps it in the forefront of my mind! It’s also so easy to feel overwhelmed, so lightening up the pressure is incredibly helpful!

  4. Great tips! I’m a list maker and goal planner. It’s so satisfying to check off those items.

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