free summer activities

Tons of FREE Summer Activities

Summer is here! Check out this guide to tons of FREE summer activities that will keep your kids happy and running around.

Summer is here and we are excited around here. We have been making a summer bucket list for a few years now. We love thinking of new things to add and of course some of our usual favorites. It’s a bonus when it is a free summer activity.

Many of the things on our family summer bucket list are free. Free because there is no charge to do them. Or free because we have a year long pass to get us in.

As we were making our list a few weeks ago I kept thinking that too many of the activities cost money to do, especially the things the kids wanted to do. I wanted to think of fun things we could add to the list that were free.

This is how this post came to be. I figured most, if not all, of these ideas could be done in most city, town, or area.

I also thought it would be fun to make a BINGO sheet to go along with these free summer activities. When you finish an activity cross it off. Try to make a BINGO or black out. 😊 Grab yours for free below, click on the picture.

free summe activities

FREE Summer Activities


You can try a different park each week. Or simply go to the same park with friends. Either way kids will have fun and be able to get a lot of energy out. Both are awesome!

Splash Pads

We are so very excited to be able to go to splash pads again this summer. We were not able to go much last summer because of the pandemic. I think we went once at the end of the summer. Bring on the fun and sun!

free summer activities


Back a bag or backpack with your favorite picnic foods and head to the mountains, park, or your backyard. This is always a fun free summer activity to do with family and/or friends.

Build an Indoor Fort

Gather your blankets, tables, chairs or whatever you can find to build an awesome fort with your kiddos. We like to use wood working clamps to keep blankets attached to tables.

Walk or Hikes

Get yourself and kiddos outside in the beautiful world! Going for nightly walks when it’s not as hot is a fun family activity. We have wanted to get back into going for more hikes.

It was hard last year with my foot healing from breaking it on April 1st. The joke was on me… haha

Service Activities or Projects

Bake a batch of cookies and drop them off at a neighbor’s house. Mow the lawn of a friend or neighbor who has had a busy week. Watch your friend’s kids so she can take a nap, run errands, or do something fun alone.

Whatever you decide to do I bet you can think of at least a few service activities to do with your kids that will be free.

Visit Friends or Family

We love being able to visit with family or friends. Invite some friends or family over for an evening of games or dinner. Try to think of something to make that you have on hand.

Create Obstacle Course Inside or Outside

Gather up ropes, hula hoops, pool noodles, chalk, or anything else that will help you create a super fun outside obstacle course. Take turns going through the course. Time everyone and have a tournament. Let your kids take turns making up their own course. Have fun and be creative.

Bike Rides

I’m excited to be able to get our bikes and bike trailer out to go on the trail close to our house. You can find a trail close by your house, ride around in your neighborhood. Or find a good, and empty, parking lot to let your kids ride around in.

Play in Sprinklers

Our kids love when we turn the sprinklers on and let them run through them. Well, run around them mostly. Haha!

One year Eddy made a slip-n-slide out of a tarp. It worked pretty well on our little hill in the backyard.

Outside/Night Games

Growing up my sisters, neighborhood kids, and I would play night games. It was always a blast! I would love to teach my kids some of the games we played.

Board games, card games, video games, outside games. All would be a fun time and some good family bonding time.

Okay, mostly! I love playing games but I find myself getting a bit annoyed with my kiddos…. Tell me I’m not the only one!

Movie Night Inside or Outside

Do your kids love to have movie nights as much as mine do? I bet they would do one every night if we let them. Find a movie in your collection or on any streaming service you have.


The way to make this a free summer activity is to look through all of your crafting supplies to see what you have. Then use your creative minds to create something awesome.

Rock Hunt

Going on rock hunts is a fun thing to do. Find a place where it is okay to take rocks home. Then let your kids find a fun rocks. Take them home and wash them. After they are dry let your kids paint them with whatever paint and paintbrushes you have.


Gather up stacks of books for each kiddo. Let them get blankets and pillows to set up a comfy place to rest. Get some snacks for each kiddo, and yourself. Then spend some time reading.

Read alone, read out loud to your kids. Read in the fort you built. Have fun reading!!

Visit Dfferent Libraries

Last year we were not able to go visit the library. I’m excited to see if the library will be open this year. If libraries are open in your area check the monthly calendar to see what fun activities they offer.

Check out books to take home and read, maybe for your read-a-thon? 😊

What are some other free summer activities that you would add to the list?

Xxx, Steph

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  1. What a bunch of fun ideas. I remember doing a lot of these when my kids were little. One of their favorites also was painting with water – little buckets of water, big brushes and the fence or cement was the canvas.

  2. Looks like an awesome list! My kids will be doing a few of these things this summer for sure! Free is always good!!

  3. So many great ideas here. I’m impressed that you included some service ideas on your list, especially with some older folks who may need help with things that once we’re easy.
    We always focused on service to the community in Girl Scouts; it is not only a nice way to contribute, but it is a great learning experience for children – especially when they e become used to the idea, and they get that wonderful feeling of kindness and accomplishment. Kudos!

    1. Thanks so much Suz! Service is so important and I don’t think our kids get it enough. Girl Scouts is a geat community! I’m so happy to hear that they still focus on community and service.

  4. Great suggestions! I remember how long summer could seem, with young kids. These is perfect to stay busy and have fun all summer.

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