Awesome Halloween Books You Need: Part 3

Part 3 of my awesome children’s Halloween books you should read is here. Check it out to see what books are on it this week.

Can you believe that this is part 3 in Awesome Halloween Books You Need?! Time is flying by. Have you had a chance to read any of the books from part 1 or part 2? There are some good ones. Now on to our Halloween books for this week.

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Book 1: Five Black Cats

In this board book, Five Blacks Cats, a Tiger Tales book, five black cats are out on a dark night. As they explore through the night they meet different night creatures. They end their evening at a spooky old house and a party. This is a fun book to read because of its rhyming words and great flow. The pictures are fun and bright, even though it is set at night.

Book 2: The Spookiest Halloween Ever

Teddy Slater wrote a fun book, The Spookiest Halloween Ever, about a spooky Halloween and party. Come along as the ghosts go trick or treating and head to their party. There they will eat toad-jelly pudding, play pin-the-wart-on-the-witch, and get a scare of their lives.

Book 3: Five Little Pumpkins

Have you heard of the song Five Little Pumpkins? Well, Dan Yaccarino put it in a book and drew darling pictures to match. I first heard this song while I was teaching and when I found this little book I had to have it.

Book 4: The Night Before Halloween

The first time I read this book to my kiddos they instantly said, “Hey this is the same as The Night Before Christmas!!” They were super excited and not too far off. The Night Before Halloween, written by Natasha Wing, is the Halloween version of The Night Before Christmas. It is so fun to read. The flow and rhyming are great. The pictures of ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and all things Halloween are fun for littles to look at.

I hope you have fun reading Halloween books this week. Hopefully you will be able to find a few Halloween Books on this list. Happy spooky reading!


To purchase any of the above books, click on the links below. Happy book shopping. 🙂


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  1. I love your suggestions for these Halloween books! I love to read and loved to read to my kids and now my grandkids. It,s even more important now in this age of electronic devices where kids are often left to play by them selves on tablets and phones. The interaction of reading aloud together is needed now more than ever. And it makes for wonderful memories.

    1. Thanks mom! I know where I got my love for reading. 🙂 Right now, Mr. E is reading books in our bed because he couldn’t sleep. I can hear him turn pages.
      I agree, too much screen time is taking away from so many wonderful things.

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