July 2020 Goals

July 2020 Goals And June Recap

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for July 2020 goals! I also have a helpful tip to help you with your current goals.

Hey! It’s the middle of of the summer. But it kind of feels like we have had a super long summer with quarantine, anyone else feel me? I’m not complaining, I have loved most of my time home with my kiddos. 🙂 Now, let’s get to July 2020 goals. Woop!

Once again as the new month starts I look at my goals from last month and think about how I did. Then I start to think about what I want to get done in the new month.

June Recap

  • Budget with Eddy
  • Yard

Budget With Eddy

Has anyone else started to work on their monthly budget this year with me? If so, what have you learned? What is one thing you have saved for, paid off, paid in full with cash?

If you have been following me I talked about some of our financial goals for 2020. Last month we paid off our cell phones (that were part of our monthly payment) and our secerity system equipment. AWESOME!!! Way to go us!


Our goal for June was to keep up with yard maintenance, our garden, and start to work on some outside kid things. We did the first time. But we never had time to start any yard kid toys. Hopefully we can get to those sometime this summer.

I’m not stressing or mad about it. We have a newborn and Eddy went back to work in June after having a month long paternity leave. There will be time for it later.

July 2020 Goals

Personal July 2020 Goals

  • Budget with Eddy
  • Living Room
  • Yard DIY Toy

Budget With Eddy

This is going to be a very different month for us. We were able to refinance our mortgage last month. This means that we will not have a mortgage payment this month.

We will have that money to possible replace our dishwasher that is not working very well. It’s old, it came with the house and that’s all we know about it. We’re hoping to be able to keep using it for longer…

Eddy and I would much rather put that money into savings. Keep your fingers crossed for our dishwasher! Haha

Living Room

For my monthly cleaning and organizing challenge we are working on our living rooms for our July 2020 goals. This space will be easy to clean. With the help of my family we can have it cleaned and organized in a few hours, tops.

The long projects will be my shelf and picture wall. With the addition of our new baby girl we need to make a space for a picture frame for her. There isn’t any space on the current picture wall. The easiest thing will be to expand the picture wall on both ends.

I’m excited to see what I can find around my house to add to the wall and plan a small budget for the wall and the shelf.

My shelf has been years in the making! The idea has been in my brain for a long time. I finally found and painted my shelf. That was step one.

Now it’s time to:

  • pick my favorite newborn pics of each of my angles
  • get them printed
  • hang them from the hooks
  • find my You Are My Sunshine painting
  • get it framed
  • find what I want to put on the shelf

I’m super excited to finally get this project finished. I sure hope it lives up to the hype I’ve made it out to be in my mind. Haha!

Yard DIY Toy

Maybe this will be the month that we acutally make the time to plan and make one of the yard toys we want to for the kiddos. We have a few ideas. Well see which one we can get to this month.

Work July 2020 Goals

  • Blog Posts (Get a few written so I’m not doing it late in the week)
  • Work on blog site (there are many things I want to change and get fixed, this will need the help of a pro)
  • Shop (I want to see what I can add to my shop, stay tuned… :))

Tip of the Month

What happens if something is out of sight? It’s out of mind, right? My tip for you for our July 2020 goals is to write your goals down. This next part is the money maker… You need to hang your written goals in a place where you WILL see them everyday.

July 2020 goals

It’s best if you can see it multiple times a day. Where do I hang my monthly goals, you ask? I write them on a post it note and then tape it in my bathroom. This is a place where I can see it many times during the day.

I sure hope you have made some time to make your July 2020 goals or some short term goals. This year I have included a tip of the month for each of my goal posts. Here they all are to help you make the best of your goals.

As always good luck with your July 2020 goals or any goals you are working on. Remember to make baby steps in the right direction. You got this friend!!

Xxx, Steph
July 2020 Goals

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