May 2020 Goals

May 2020 Goals: What Are YOUR Goals?

Goals are fun to crush!! What goals are you working on? My May 2020 goals and tip of the month are ready for you. Hope they inspire you to get started.

Hello!! I hope this finds you well! Are you in the same boat as us Utahans? We have soft closure of schools until the end of the school year, homeschooling for a few more weeks! How did your goals for April go? On to our May 2020 goals, shall we?

I guess I got ahead of myself there… Let’s do a quick recap of my April goals, you should also so a recap of your April goals.

April 2020 Goals

  • Budget with Eddy
  • Bedrooms
  • Baby Books

Budget With Eddy

We are working on a year long, and hopefully a lot longer, budget goal for this year. We are hoping to make doing our budget monthly automatic and a high part of our month.

When we sit down together at the very end of one month or the first of the next month to do a few things. First we will look at how we did over the past month by filling in our Excel spreadsheet.

Then, we put money we didn’t need from our monthly car fund into our car savings account (to stock pile for our bi yearly insurance, etc.). Extra money we earned or saved into appropriate savings accounts.

Last, we will talk about the coming month. Most of our expenses are the same each month. But there are some variables we will take in account for each month. For example: birthdays, any clothes we need, expenses for the house or yard, etc.


Last months challenge for decluttering and organizing was bedrooms. We have three bedrooms that got a really good gut last year. So we were able to tackle all of our bedrooms in one day. It was a long day but it was done and over.

We had the kids help by going through anything that was theirs. They got to decide what they kept, threw away, or donated/sold. Next we got to work cleaning the rooms. We put more work into cleaning then a normal bedroom clean gets.

January 2020 goals

Then we got to work putting things back in their rooms. We had moved most of the toys to the playroom a few weeks before, so this was a very easy step. We also did a quick look through of their clothes.

Here are some posts to help you with decluttering and cleaning your bedrooms; here, here, and here.

Baby Books

We were able to make some headway on my children’s baby books. We will have a ways to go but it is nice being able to work on them. And, my favorite part is thinking back to those fun times. 🙂

May 2020 goals

May 2020 Goals: Personal Goals

  • Budget with Eddy
  • Garage/Shed
  • Baby Prep

Budget With Eddy

As we are making an effort to formally talk about our budget and move money around our accounts at the end of each month we are seeing our savings grow. It’s exciting!

We have done this before, but got off track. It’s nice to know that we have the money we need for the month in our checking account. Then whatever is left over we put into savings accounts at the end of the month.

This method has been very helpful in our goal of paying off our van loan, cell phones, and our security equipment loan. When they are all paid off we will have our student loans and mortgage to pay off.


The nice thing about our garage and shed is that last year we did a lot of work on them both. Eddy has also been doing a few things here and there in the garage.

So that means that this month we will not have as much to do. That’s super nice because I’m finding I have much less energy. Being super pregnant with a broken foot will do that do ya… haha

December 2019 Goals

We really wanted to do a yard sale, we’ll see how things go. Our garage has been where we have stored some of the things we want to try to sale. It will be nice to have the one wall more cleared out. We’ll see…

Baby Prep

With being due in about two and a half weeks I was getting worried and actually got most of my baby prep done before this month started. Stay tuned for the next two weeks as I talk about packing for the hospital and prepping for the baby at home.

Really the only thing we need to do is get a few last minute things out and ready. Baby girl, we are ready and excited to meet you!

May 2020 Goals: Work

  • Blog Posts: Knowing that I was going to have a baby in May I have been writing more to get a few months ahead, as best as I can. So I may try to write a few blog posts this month for after baby girl gets here.
  • Update Blog: There have been some things on my blog that have bugged me for so long. But I never gave myself time for it. Hopefully this is the month I get those things figured out.
  • Email List: I want to work on building my email list. This is such a powerful tool to help me and all of my followers that subscribe to my blog. And I might have a few giveaways… You might want to subscribe to get on the fun of giveaways!

Sign up 👇

Tip of the Month

My tip last month was to find and get an accountability partner. So, have you done it? Have you found someone that will hold you accountable, cheer you on, and give you hope? If not, go get someone who can help you. 🙂

My tip for you this month is to set up a mini reward for yourself. Why? Because, why not?! I don’t know about you but I may work a little harder if I know that there is a little reward in it for me.

This doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact small mini rewards might keep you going toward your big goal. Write your reward and what you need to do in order to get it somewhere where you can see it often. That will also be motivating for you.

We have student loans we need to pay off. We, okay I, decided that after we paid of one we would go on a fun and fancy date. Since that time we have paid off two loans.

We went on one date: to The Melting Pot and a play. It was also our anniversary, but it was still fun! Maybe when we are debt free Eddy and I will go on a fun vacation!

In the meantime my rewards might be going to get ice cream or a soda. Nothing big but something I don’t do too often.

Okay, go get after your May 2020 goals!! Good luck my friends!

Xxx, Steph
May 202 Goals

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  1. I’m horrible at setting goals so I love that you do this monthly. And that budget sounds great! We have been going through books over here too. I’ve always been good at purging but now with the libraries closed I’m wishing we had a few more!

    1. You can always set a goal to get better with goals.. 😉 Thank you! I love books and have a hard time getting rid of them. Hopefully the library will open soon.

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