February 2020 Goals and January Recap

Goals!! Have you made your February 2020 goals? I’m late in getting this out, but had Valentine’s Day content to get out.

How did your first month of the year go? Did you stick to your goal(s) or resolutions? If you are like me then you might have stopped with your resolutions already. So join me as I do monthly goals, here are my February 2020 goals.

As always let’s start with a quick recap of January. We need to look back at our goals to see what went well, what didn’t go, and what we can celebrate!

January 2020 Goals

  • Budget with Eddy
  • Pictures on my phone
  • Cleaning schedule

Budget With Eddy

I’m proud to say that we have had many conversations about our budget overhaul and our new plan in general. We have taken this month to really think about all of our expenses, income, and our goals for the year.

We are on track to completely meet our finance goals this year. Three things that will help us:

  • Continuing going over out budget each month and STAYING within out budget.
  • Using our tax return for our finance goals and that’s it!
  • Eddy is going to try to pick up extra shifts at work, that money ill only go towards saving for our Disney World Trip. Our normal income and tax return is going to go towards paying off our van loan, cell phones, and security equipment.

Keep following along to see how our journey goes and get tips and tricks about budgeting and finances each month. I’ve been ready finance books and I’m exploding with ideas and can’t wait to tell and teach you what I’m learning in a monthly budget post.

Pictures on my Phone

Well, this one didn’t happen. Like at all! In fact I just added to my collection of videos and pictures. I now have over 16,600 pics and videos.

One night, that was super hard for me because I lost it at my kids and just felt really crappy. Eddy worked but thankfully it was a Saturday night so he got home at 7:30. I just went straight to my room with the computer and started looking at my emails.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you might know that I had just under 20,000 emails. I have a problem you guys!!!

Anyways that night I spent a few hours sitting in my chair going through my emails. I’m proud to say that number is MUCH lower and now I’m getting in a better habit of deleting my emails when I don’t need them.

Did I meet one of my February 2020 goals of starting my pictures on my phone? No. Is that okay? Yep. Want to know why? Getting my life on my phone and computer is a goal for this year. So I did meet part of my big goal.

Cleaning Scehdule

Last year I took a space or a few spaces each month and decluttered, cleaned, and organized my house! It felt so dang amazing!! One day as I walked into my newly cleaned bedroom it hit me, I need to make a year long challenge to help anyone who needs to declutter their house.

January was the month that we started to set things up. Part of that was figuring out a cleaning schedule. My idea is that as you declutter your house you want to continue to have a clean house.

February 2020 goals

So making a cleaning schedule will help with that. We have one in place, so it was pretty easy for me to make sure it was organized. These links (here , here, and here) will teach you about what we do.

February 2020 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Budget With Eddy
  • Bathrooms
  • Pictures on my phone
February 2020 goals

Budget with Eddy

You might get mighty sick of me saying this, but it’s going to be a goal every month. In order for you to continue with budgeting you need to create a habit of budgeting. In order for us to do this I’m going to make budgeting a goal each month.

This month I want to get on track with our budget and make sure we have enough money in our bank accounts to cover all of our expenses for March. Sounds crazy, but I have been reading and thinking about having the money before we spend it so we are covered.


This months challenge for my year long decluttering challenge is BATHROOMS! It’s a small space so it will get your fired started easily. Follow along with me and others in this year long challenge. Sign up here!

February 2020 goals

Since I went through my bathrooms last year I will take a few hours to do a good deep clean and make sure things are organized. I will also get rid of any unwanted junk that doesn’t belong or we don’t need any more.

Pictures on my Phone

Attempt number 2! Maybe I didn’t plan this goal our very well. So this month I am going to schedule in one time a month to sit down and start going through my pictures.

First I will simply delete all the junk or multiple copies of pictures. And that’s it. This may not be the best plan because I will have to go through them again another month as I get folders set up for certain pictures.

But this will be a good start. And that is what I need, something easy and quick that I can get done this month.

Work Goals

  • February and March posts written and ready
  • Work on my contact list
  • Blogging course

I feel like I haven’t been getting as much done as I would like for work. So this month I want to plan one or two days to be my writing post days. This will involve: writing the posts, getting pictures done and edited, Pinterest pins created and scheduled, and getting done a month in advance.

This will help me to super focused, prepared, and have time to work on my other work goals.

Tip of the Month

If you want to be successful this month, make a more detailed plan of each goal. Write it down so you do not forget what the goal and steps are. Planning and preparing are a huge way I have been more successful last year with my goals.

What tips do you have for being successful with your goals?? Good luck with your February 2020 goals!

Xxx, Steph

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  1. Great post. It’s nice you see you’re accomplishing your goals and giving yourself grace for things you didn’t accomplish. Seems like you’re off to a great start. Good luck with the rest of the year’s goals.

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