August 2020 Goals

August 2020 Goals: July 2020 Review

Goals! Once I started having monthly goals my productivity shot through the roof. Check out my August 2020 goals and a helpful tip for your goal planning.

Hello there August! Didn’t you just sneak up on us? But really, it did! 🙂 Are you ready to review your July goals and make some August 2020 goals?

I know I am, so let’s get started. Think about your goals from last month or the goals you last had.

July 2020 Goals Review

  • Budget With Eddy
  • Living Room
  • Yard DIY Toy

Budget With Eddy

Good news, our dishwasher is alive and kicking! It wasn’t cleaning well so we have adjusted how we put things away and make sure the silverwear goes in cleaner. We are a go with keeping it for now. This saved us hundreds of dollars. WOOHOO!

With not having to pay a mortgage payment (thanks to refinancing the month before) we were able to put more into savings. Don’t you love when you get to put more into savings?

Also, another awesome thing that happened this month is that we acutally did our budget on the last day of July,

Living Room

If you are apart of my Free Monthly Cleaning Challenge then you already know that we worked on our living rooms this month. And if you are not apart of this challenge, why not?? Sign up here. 🙂

We sure waited until the last possible moment… Late in the day on July 31st my kiddos and I deep cleaned the living room. What a good feeling that was. There are two projects I’m still working on.

One is out picture wall above the couch and the other is our shelf. A work in progress but coming a long.

Yard DIY Toy

Finally!! We finally got around to making a water toy for our kids. We have wanted to do it for years. Eddy and I had different ideas of what we wanted it to be.

In the end, Eddy was making it and his idea sounded way cool. I’ll have him work on putting a blog post together to explain what he did. But for now, here are some pictures.

August 2020 Goals

August 2020 Goals: Personal

  • Budget With Eddy (surprise, surprise…haha)
  • Family Room
  • Pictures on Phone

Budget With Eddy

What we thought was going to be a normal month is turning out to not be so normal. Eddy needed to get his eyes checked again. They changed enough that he needed new glasses. So instead of having our normal amount of money going into savings we will buy glasses. 🙂

Normally we would use our health savings account (HSA) but we just had a baby, remember. 😉 Our HSA is pretty empty. Oh, that should be our major goal next year, to get our HSA back.

Family Room

This is the room/space that we are working on for August in my free monthly cleaning challenge (you can still get so much done the last 5 months). My goal for our family room is:

  • deep clean with the kiddos
  • clean out bookcase
  • clean out armoire
  • hang pictures

Pictures on Phone

Ug, you guys!! I have had this goal in other months. But it needs to come back to my August 2020 goals because it is still way out of hand. I need to get serious and get my pictures organized and deleted.

My plan is to work on this when I’m nursing. I try to not be on my phone too much in front of my kiddos (I’ll be honest, sometimes I just don’t care). So I will have to remove myself from their presence when Eddy is home.

August 2020 Goal: Work

  • Blog Posts: Working with 5 kids, one a newborn, is proving to be difficult. I need find a better balance to be able to write and get a bit ahead.
  • Blog Site: Still need to work on my site and fix some things.
  • Shop: I worked on my shop a bit but I’d like to add more things and get the word out more.

Tip of the Month

This months tip is simple but can be very effective. How many times have you thought I need to do this or that? So many times for me. If I just keep my thought in my head it might get lost.

My tip for you this month is to put your goal in your phone and set a reminder! For example: this month we are going to deep clean our family room. I am going to find a day to do it in the future and put it on my calender and in my phone.

Let’s not going to stop there. Why not set up reminders to help me stay accountable. Give it a try and see if it helps you to get to your goals more consistently.

This year I have included a tip of the month for each of my goal posts. Here they all are to help you make the best of your goals.

Good luck with your current and monthly goals! I hope your August 2020 goals are ones that you can crush!

Xxx, Steph
August 2020 Goals

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