giving of yourself

Sunday Motivation: Giving of Yourself

With the holiday season here one thing that you can do is giving of yourself. This week’s Sunday Motivation quote is just about that.

With the holiday season here I thought it would be appropriate to share more holiday-ish quotes. And then it will match better with the graphics. 🙂 That’s always a win. Today’s quote is about giving of yourself.

giving of yourself

This time of year there can be a lot of giving. Giving of food to those that are hungry, clothes to those that are cold, gifts to anyone and everyone on your list, and the list goes on and on. 

Those things certainly are great. I’m not saying to not give of possessions or tangible things. I like to get gifts and open up a pretty wrapped box. However, I LOVE to think of something that would be perfect for someone. I can’t wait to give gifts that I know (and hope) will be well received. There is so much joy in seeing that excitement on someones face. 

What I want to focus on today is giving of yourself. Give your time, your love, your help, and your beautiful smiles. It is easy to get some canned food out of the pantry to donate to the Food Bank. This is wonderful giving. But to truly give of yourself would be to donate your time.

Earlier this week my girls and I went to the food storage and picked out food. We then put it in a paper bag and put a sign that said Utah Food Bank. This morning I placed it on my porch. At promptly 9:03 it was picked up.

It was a good learning experience for my 3 and 4 year old girls. But I don’t feel it’s enough. The food will help someone. We got to talk about what we were doing. However, we need to give of ourselves, and that will hopefully make a lasting impression on their hearts. 

I challenge you all this holiday season to be mindful of giving of yourself to others. See how it effects your heart and soul. Watch how it might change the other person. You might just start a chain reaction.

One word of caution… Be mindful of how much you have to give of yourself. You need to make sure you have a balance. If you give too much of yourself you might break down. So please make sure you take care of YOU before you take care of others.



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