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Sunday Motivational: You Matter

Even a snow crystal matters. That means that YOU matter in this world.

You know that right?! YOU MATTER!! You matter to so many people. 

We may not know how or to what extent that we matter. But we do. And somehow that is enough. Even in the darkest of times you need to remember that. If the tiniest snow crystal matters then surely you, a person, matters a great deal.

 Even when we don’t know how we fit in the pattern it will hopefully be enough to know that we do have a place. I hope that when you have a tough moment or day that you will remember YOU MATTER!

On the flip side let’s think of what we can do to help others know that they matter. What can you do today to let someone know they matter to you? A phone call, a text, a note or treat dropped off at their house. 

I challenge you (and me) to let someone know each day this week that they matter to you. Let’s help brighten our little corner of the world. You matter to me! I’m so happy you take the time to read my little corner of the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Xoxo, Steph

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