5 Fun Ways to Enhance Your Porch for Halloween

Decorating your porch is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Check out this post to get 5 fun and easy to get your porch ready for Halloween.

We didn’t have much of a porch to decorate until we moved into our house about three years ago. Until then it was a small porch down some stairs with hardly any room. The door to our second apartment was behind a fence so no one saw it. I just didn’t want to do much. It has been a game changer now that we have a small porch and some stairs. Today I’m going to show you 5 fun ways to enhance your porch for Halloween.

Door Hanging

One simple way to decorate your porch is to hang something on your door. It could  be a wreath, a wood sign, a whole door decoration, or anything that makes you happy. I have chosen to add a Happy Halloween wood sign that I made last year. It was a simple project and very inexpensive. In a few days I will post a how to for my wood Halloween sign, stay tuned!

There are so many fun and cute Halloween wreaths. You can always make one or buy one from many different places. A whole door decoration would be a super fun project to do with kids. Some that I have seen are monsters, pumpkins, ghosts, and Minions. I have never tried this before but I am thinking about doing one with my kiddos this year. I’ll keep you posted if it is something we tackle.

BOO Sign

The first year we were in our home I had seen Boo signs for sale online. I thought to myself, I could totally make that! So I did. I invited my sister and sister-in -law over to make our own Boo signs together. Again, this was a very easy and cheap project. The wood is a piece of fence wood that I cut in half and sanded.

I love fence wood because it is just a few dollars. I can get two (or more depending on the size of wood I need) out of one fence post. It is also thin which makes hanging it very easy.

After the wood was cut and sanded we panted our wood white. Make sure to spray paint the whole front and the sides. Painting the back it up to you. When writing BOO it is up to you how you want to do it: free hand, vinyl, print out letters and use contact paper. We did the latter and it was a PAIN! We were outside and the wind kept moving the contact paper when I was trying to spray paint.  It looked like a child had painted my letters. So last year while I was doing another project I touched up my letters and they look so much better.

That’s it! It is fast, easy, and pretty cheap. I had grand ideas to make these for lots of holidays. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but maybe in the future.

Pumpkin Box

I’m not going to lie, I LOVE my pumpkin box! And I totally made it! Who is impressed? Because, I sure am! Haha But let me be clear that I am good at following directions with things like this, and that is just what I did.

My cute sister and I went to a class at Home Depot three years ago to make these darling pumpkin boxes. It was a complete blast! It ended up being a sponsored girl’s night out. We didn’t have to pay the usual fee for the class, there were treats, and gift card giveaways. The room was packed with awesome ladies and it was LOUD with all the hammering.


I leave my cute pumpkin box out during the fall. I love that I can use it for Halloween and fall. I have put pumpkins and gourds in the box. I wanted to do Halloween candy but was afraid the trick-or-treaters might scrape their hands on the rough inside of the box. I have thought about putting spiders climbing out of it but haven’t done it yet. I guess I need to be on the look out for spiders. I really like the fun it adds to my porch.


What Halloween porch would be complete without pumpkins? There are so many different kinds, sizes, and things you can do with pumpkins for your porch. Some of my favorite are grouping them into 3-5 pumpkins and placing them in different spots on my porch. It is fun to stack some as well. I had them grouped then Mr. E moved them around. My first thought was NOOOOOO. Then I thought I don’t really care, if he’s having fun, then great! [Way to go me! Letting go of some control. :)]

Half washed off painted pumpkins.

My kiddos have already painted their pumpkins, but most of the paint washed off with rain. That just means we get to either paint or add foam sticky faces to the pumpkins. Getting the most out of our pumpkins around here. Haha!

A few things we like to do with our pumpkins are:

  • carve
  • paint (super nice with young kiddos, not knives involved)
  • use foam stickers for fun faces (bought packs at the Dollar Store)
  • leave them plain and group or stack

This weekend we are going to the Pumpkin patch with my parents and sister. My kiddos will get to pick out a pumpkin. The four cute pumpkins on my porch now came from my in-laws garden. Eddy and I usually take the kids to Reams when their pumpkins are less then 20 cents to get some big pumpkins to carve. Some may say that’s pumpkin over load, but we love it.

Lights, Spider Webs, and Mat

Last year after Halloween I was at Target, so dangerous!!! Target + 50% off Halloween stuff = me going a little crazy! Haha! It was fun and I kept saying, it’s only $1… I bought a bag of spider webs, a box of orange lights, and a darling pumpkin door mat for the front door (along with a bunch of other things). The kiddos and I had fun getting the lights stung and spreading the spider web. I thought it would be a huge pain but the web was like a blanket rolled up. It was very easy to unroll and spread out.

And what is a porch without a door mat? I just had to buy it. 😉

That’s it, 5 fun ways to enhance your porch for Halloween. Did I miss anything? What are some fun was you decorate your porch for Halloween?



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