3 Ways Anyone Can Decorate Pumpkins

If you don’t like sticking your hand in pumpkin guts, then you HAVE to check this out. 3 different ways to decorate pumpkins that do not involve knives.

Growing up what are some things that you remember about Halloween? A few of mine are: trick or treating, Halloween parades at school, dressing up, neighborhood Halloween diner before trick or treating, and pumpkins. Carving pumpkins was always something I looked forward to; as a kid and as an adult. Now that I am a parent, mmmmm, knives…. The last few years we have done different ways anyone can decorate pumpkins in our house. It has been a success.

I wanted to share with you in case you feel the same way about knives. These are probably not new to you all. You are such smart people. But just in case, here we go…


This is one of my kids favorites. They love to paint. So painting pumpkins is a delightful time. Last year when the kids started I saw faces on the pumpkins. They kept adding more and more paint. By the time they were finished they didn’t have faces anymore.

At first I was dying inside because I thought that they had ruined their pumpkins. Then I relaxed and realized the FUN they were having and the JOY on their faces. In an instant I didn’t care what their pumpkins looked like. I will probably never have the magazine cover porch.

What I do have is a porch that screams, “Kids live here! We have fun!” For me that is what matters.

This year Eddy had the kids paint their pumpkins while I was gone. I came home to some awesomely painted pumpkins. They promptly went on the porch. Sadly the rain has washed the paint off. Or is it sad? Heehee! Now we can do number two with these same pumpkins. Score!

Foam Faces

If you have a Dollar Tree near you then head on over there right now. I am a big fan of Dollar Tree. You can find some GREAT finds. But, for now, we will just talk about these foam faces. They are stickers!!! Hallelujah! This makes decorating pumpkins so easy.

This pack comes with 4 faces you can make. Last year the kiddos picked which face they wanted and we just let them have at it. Mr. E did a pretty good job of trying to make his face look similar to the one on the package. The girls just had a blast putting stickers on.

All the white stickers are on two pieces; the red, purple, and green are each on one piece. This year I cut the stickers apart and grouped them into piles according to each face. This will help if any of them want to copy the face from the package. If not, then that is completely fine.

Get Your Craft On

This last one we haven’t done with our kids. This was one I did in 3rd grade. We got to bring whatever craft supplies we wanted to school. Then we had time to decorate our pumpkin as we pleased. At the end we had a contest. I don’t remember who won. I remember having fun. Isn’t that what it should be more about?!

Some things that would be fun to use are:

  • ribbon
  • yarn
  • string
  • buttons
  • stickers
  • craft paper
  • glitter
  • sequins
  • color pasta
  • beads
  • bows

I think I will tackle this one next year. The kids have already painted their pumpkins. I have this set of foam face stickers all ready. And I bet at least Eddy and I will carve pumpkins. I sure do love me some roasted pumpkin seeds. I feel like doing pumpkins three times is plenty. 🙂

So what do you prefer doing with your pumpkins? Have you tried any of the 3 ways anyone can decorate pumpkins? Or do you have another way? If so, then you totally need to share! I hope you have a great time decorating pumpkins this year.


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