Halloween Themed Dinner

Halloween Themed Dinner

Who loves to have Halloween themed dinners? This was my second year of making mummy dogs for Halloween dinner. This is a new tradition.

We celebrated Halloween a day early this year. Eddy works tomorrow (he works a 12 hour shift on weekdays so he will not be home for dinner tomorrow) so we had our Halloween themed dinner tonight. This is our second annual Halloween themed dinner. I like this tradition and plan to keep it going.

Halloween Themed Dinner

Last year after Halloween I went to Target to see what great finds I could find. And oh boy, did I score big! Everything was 50% off, it was hard to just buy a few things. I did get a reusable table cloth, paper plates, napkins, a pin the smile on the pumpkin game to name a few of them.

I was super excited! I had our evening planned. We were going to decorate our pumpkins, play the pin the smile on the pumpkin game, eat our yummy Halloween themed dinner, get our costumes on and go trick-or-treating at both grandparent’s houses.

This is what happened…

Mr. E wanted the foam pumpkin stickers that both girls picked. We almost had tears. I told him he could pick first the next thing we did. We gave them their stickers and let them go at it. I helped Miss S get started. The darn stickers did not stick onto the pumpkins!! ARG! Miss L can get really frustrated when things don’t go her way, right away. Every so often she would yell out. Most of the stickers went into the trash. While the kids were trying to decorate their pumpkins I was making our Halloween themed dinner.

After the first fail I was trying to get the game taped onto the wall. It wasn’t staying and I was getting super annoyed, to say the least. Once the game was finally tapped up we got started. Miss S got her smile super close to Miss L which started a tantrum and someone running to her room for a minute. Finally we got everyone a turn and everyone had smiles. Almost.

As the kiddos were getting the table set someone didn’t have a paper plate (yet) so another tantrum was started. We had about 4 more during dinner. It was an easy and yummy Halloween themed dinner. We made mummy dogs, cooked veggies, crescent rolls, and applesauce.

Halloween Themed Dinner

We were running late, which makes me annoyed and stressed. It was showing and I was in a bad mood. It took me a good portion of the drive to calm down. Once I did, it allowed myself to have fun.

What I thought was going to be a fun evening together as a family was stressful and put me in a down mood. I do this a lot; have high expectations about something. Then when things don’t go according to the plan in my head I am let down. I am trying to just let things go and let myself enjoy the moment. I take one step forward and a few back. It’s the little steps forward that I need to focus on. I have said this before and I truly believe it.

Halloween Themed Dinner
My plate, with a veggie burger and not a mummy dog.

What are some fun Halloween themed dinners you have made? Last year for our first Halloween themed dinner we had: mummy dogs, pumpkin pasta and butternut sauce. We may have to make mummy dogs our thing.



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