Halloween Mash Up

Fast and Yummy Mummy Cake

Do you need a fast and easy Halloween dessert? Look no further, I’ve got you covered. This yummy mummy cake is fast, easy, and delicious.

Oh you guys! I had plan to do something else for today’s food post. I feel like I’m draining a bit with Blogtober. It has been day by day (and sometimes a day late…). I just couldn’t make anything new today. Except I totally did! I made my final batch of salsa. Tomatoes sitting on my counter and going bad, it needed to happen. And I’m not thinking straight, I didn’t take any pictures until the end. So that recipe will have to wait. Instead you get a fast and yummy mummy cake.

So I’m not being original by any means. If I’m being honest I’m kind of cheating for today’s post. If I’m being totally honest it is actually Wednesday not Tuesday now. I did start this yesterday…We went on a fun family outing after dinner (stay tuned for Saturday’s travel post). After we got home late and got the kids to bed it was after 9:00. Eddy and I played a game. It was GREAT! I did tell him I’m glad we hung out but I know I will regret it tomorrow when I’m working like mad to get two posts done.

Guess what!? I don’t regret it. Why would I ever regret hanging with my bestie, my hubby, my big hunk?

Ok, so fast and yummy mummy cake. That is why we are here. 🙂 Last year we had a Robbin’s Halloween dinner. It was of course Halloween themed and so fun! I hope we do it again this year. I brought dessert. Searching Pinterest I found some fun ideas for dessert.


In the end a mummy cake and cupcakes won. I had promised Mr. E that we would make Halloween funfetti cupcakes. I was almost made a lair! I’m not joking, I looked at over 4 stores before I found the Halloween funfetti cake mix. I was super excited when I found it.

And I was excited when I found one on sale after Halloween. I’m prepared this year. It might be a little old…shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t tell.

I do love making cake from scratch. Most of the time it is really good and moist. You are more then welcome to make a from scratch cake. Or you can make a cake from a box mix. That’s what I did. I was 7 months pregnant and not feeling it. If we do a repeat of the yummy mummy cake this year I will also be using a cake mix. No shame here!

Make whatever cake you plan on making (any flavor works) according to their directions. I’m all about choices so here you go, you can make:

  • two round pans and stack for a tall mummy
  • two round pans and make two mummies or one long strangely shaped mummy
  • one rectangle mummy, in or out of the 9×13 pan
  • or cut a mummy shape out of a rectangle

I knew I was going to be taking this to my sister-in-laws house so I opted for 9×13 rectangle in the pan. As a bonus, I had the lid so it didn’t get messed up in transit.

While your cake is baking you can get the frosting ready. Again, do what works best for you! You can either make or buy frosting. All you need is a batch of white and a tiny bit of yellow.

Once your cake is baked and cooled you can get to decorating your yummy mummy cake. I found the easiest way of frosting the cake was to put the white frosting into a zip lock bag. Seal it up and cut the tip of ONE corner off. You just made your own frosting bag. I’m sure you have made one before. 🙂

You are going to want to frost your cake using stripes that go side to side. You can make them touching and/or leave some space so the cake can peak through. As you get near the top you will want to leave a little bit of space to make the eyes. This is where the tiny bit of yellow comes in.

Make a circle out of the yellow frosting. Then stick a chocolate chip pointed side down in the yellow frosting to finish the eye. And voila! You now have a fast, yummy mummy cake!

Hope you enjoy my friends!



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