What is with a Teal Pumpkin at Halloween?

Have you heard of a teal pumpkin at Halloween? Have you seen it and wondered what in the world is this for? Well my friends, I have the answers for you here.

Have you ever seen a teal pumpkin at Halloween? Have you thought to yourself what is with a teal pumpkin at Halloween? I first heard about it a few years ago at a neighbor’s house. Their daughter has some food allergies, nuts being one of them. They were giving away nut free Halloween treats.

The idea of the teal pumpkin is to represent a nut free trick or treating experience. I love this! First, teal is an awesome color! Second, it is a simple but effective way to say, “Hey friends, we have nut free treats, you are safe here.”


One evening a couple friends came over to craft. It was a bring whatever you are working on craft night. One friend brought chocolate and her awesome company. Another friend brought her white plastic pumpkin, teal paint, and her wonderful company.

A few days later I was at the store with my family. We walked past the Halloween decorations and guess what I found! A white plastic pumpkin. It was around $5. I made the decision right then that we were going to be a nut free trick or treating house.

Thanks Stacy for the idea and for letting me copy you! 🙂

There is a different family in our neighborhood who have 2 children with nut allergies. They are the sweetest family. After one minute of talking with the mom you feel like a million bucks. Her super power is amazing and I try to be like her everyday.

I wanted to give that sweet family another place that was safe in our neighborhood to go trick or treating. And anyone else who needs a nut free treat.

I had my cute three year old helper. She loves to paint. And painting with mom’s paint and paint brush was a highlight for this cutie. She talked about it for days. “Mom, remember when I painted the pumpkin blue?” Love her!

Even though this is a pretty simple craft the supplies and directions are below for anyone who wants them.

Directions for your Teal Pumpkin


  • white pumpkin (real or plastic)
  • teal paint (spray or craft paint)
  • paint brush


  1. Wipe any dirt or dust off the pumpkin. Let it dry.
  2. Paint your pumpkin. If you choose to spray paint it take it outside. Follow the directions on the spray paint can.
  3. Let it dry. If you want you may do a second coat of paint.
  4. Set your awesome teal pumpkin outside.

When someone asks you, “What is with a teal pumpkin at Halloween?” you will now be able to answer. You can say it is to support any nut free little friends during Halloween while they go trick or treating. Is there anyone who plans on sporting a teal pumpkin this Halloween?? I’d love to see it and how you display your teal pumpkin.

Happy trick or treating!!


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  1. We always do a teal pumpkin and have glow sticks, Halloween stickers, temporary tattoos and pencils for kiddos who have food allergies. I think it’s so great to make sure everyone is included in trick-or-treating even if they can’t have food treats!

    1. YES! I love those ideas! My kids get excited when there are stickers and little toys. Don’t get me wrong, they sure do love their candy. Haha! I need to get on the ball and get trick or treating stuff. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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