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Meet the Crew: My Mr.

Meet my Mr! He’s my everything and I can’t wait for you to know more about this amazing man I get to call my hubby.

Hello! I’m going to be talking about my little crew, probably a lot. I feel it is best for you all to get to know them a little better. So without any further ado, introducing the man of the hour!


Hot Hubby and me
PC: Whitney Beth Photography

Eddy and I went to junior high and high school together. Neither one of us remembers the other from junior high. In high school we were just friends at school. During our senior year we had a ceramics together. It was my second year taking ceramics but Eddy had taken it all four years. Needless to say he was much better at it then me. I remember thinking he was a fun guy and super nice. I asked him to go to a school dance with me our senior year. So I guess you could say our love story started then… no not really. But it was a really fun dance and date. Then a few years after high school we ran into each other while I was playing a pickup game of volleyball and he was participating in a college fraternity. We exchanged numbers and the rest was history. Lol. But, seriously it kind of was history. We started dating a few months after running into each other and dated for 3 years before we got married. We got married in 2008 and have been loving most every minute of it since.

Hot Hubby and I at football game
Cheering our fav college football team on

Can I just say that I married the funniest man around?! Because I certainly did! He makes me laugh every day, even when I’m in a super bad mood and laughing is the LAST thing I want to do. It’s probably like putting his head in a lion’s mouth, not knowing if I am going to laugh or get more mad that he’s trying to make me laugh when I just want to stay in a bad mood. I know! It doesn’t make any sense. He has so many funny one liners and such a good sense of humor. Eddy is fun to be around and can talk to anyone. He has that personality that makes you feel calm and welcome. I don’t have to worry about him in a setting where he doesn’t know anyone and I do. He will start chatting and be totally fine. And if he’s talking to anyone about sports, I could be gone for hours and he would still be in the same chair still talking about sports. When he was young he bought a sports almanac and would read it for fun. His brain is so filled with sport facts, it’s amazing! He says he has lost of lot of that knowledge so he must have memorized the whole book back in the day. Football is his favorite. The countdown starts around June for college football. So many conversations he starts are centered on his college team when it’s football season. I have to keep reminding myself that I knew this coming in. Haha! I do love it about him though, his passion and love for sports, college football especially.

Hot Hubby working on Sprinklers
My Mr. Fix It with Mr. Fix It in trainning

This guy of mine can fix anything. I grew up with a Mr. Fix It dad and told myself I need to marry someone who can fix and build things. He sure can! This summer we (ok so really not me, I haven’t done hardly anything compared to the amount of work my hubby has done) are doing a ton to our yard. It is looking awesome. In fact the other day I was getting ready in my bathroom which faces our backyard. The window was open and Eddy was working out back. I said out loud, “My backyard is bomb!” It was loud enough that Eddy heard me and said, “What?” Of course I responded the same and added that he was also bomb. It sure has saved us lots of money with Eddy being able to fix most anything. He loves to take care of the lawn, which I’m grateful for! I’m happy to not have to mow or edge. In fact since we have lived in our house, just over 2 years, I have mowed once just a few week ago. I thought I was going to die: the heat, the little “hill” in the back, being pregnant. Oh man! After I was done I plopped down on the ground and my oldest asked if I was dying. Buddy, it sure felt like it.


Hubby with baby Miss L
Hubby with Miss L
Hubby building the shed with the girls
Hubby helping the girls work on the shed

He is one amazing father! Eddy is our kid’s favorite person with good reason. He loves to play with them and is the best at holding our babies and helping them fall asleep. What a beautiful site it is to see him being so sweet and tender with our kids. Or doing the girl’s hair. Or being in heaven while playing football with our son.  Eddy will tease them and it is fun to start seeing our oldest picking up on that and teasing him back. I am so blessed to have a hubby that is so hands on with raising our kids. And it’s a huge bonus that they mostly call for him during the night and our third prefers him to change her diapers. Win for me!


Hubby and I golfing
Golfing with Hubby

Some random facts about the love of my life:

  • He is tall, dark, and handsome.
  • He cuts his own hair and we call it the Eddy haircut. A few people in the family have gotten the Eddy haircut. I have cut his hair a few times but prefer not to. I do have a funny story about that later.
  • He likes his treats: pop, chips, ice cream, chewy candy, and whatever he feels like he’s in the mood for.
  • He has 4 degrees: Associate of Science (General Studies), Bachelors of Science (Exercise Science), Masters of Science (Exercise Science – Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement), Doctor of Pharmacy
  • He works super hard working and gets things done.
  • He is very loyal and dependable.
  • He is my spell check and mental math solver. Fingers crossed our kiddos get his spelling and math abilities!
  • He gives the best hugs. Ever.
  • He lets me sleep in pretty much every morning.
  • He usually gives the kids baths.
  • He doesn’t love to play games but will play games with me.
  • He loves to watch a movie or show with me. We may have a few too many shows we like to watch…
  • He has an incredible memory.
  • He loves 80’s rock-n-roll music and will sing to his songs.
  • He likes to joke and tease and can still get me, way too often. I on the other hand have a hard time playing a joke on him.
  • He and I are both quick to laugh at things that we maybe shouldn’t laugh at. It’s a good thing we can laugh at each other when we trip or do something stupid.
  • He supports me in all that I do and is my number one fan.

As you can tell I’m just a little fond of this guy I get to call mine. I am so glad we get to be on this journey together!





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