How to Decorate a Simple Fall Porch

Check out my simple fall porch and what three things I have used to decorate my porch. It is pretty, easy, and not overkill for my little porch.

How is it half way through November already?! I had planned to do a fall porch post ages ago but it slipped my mind. So here we are November 16th and our porch a mostly fall with bits of Halloween and Christmas. Ops!

Since my porch is small I like to keep it pretty simple. I want people to be able to have enough room while they stand there. 🙂 So my porch can not be over crowed. Below are some pictures showing a simple fall porch.

One way to make it easy to transition from fall to Halloween and back to fall is with pumpkins. We didn’t carve pumpkins this year so we have had the same ones for months. My kiddos painted their pumpkins and the rain was kind enough to wash it away. Then we used foam stickers to make silly faces. Those didn’t stick very well. But, here we are weeks later with nice looking pumpkins.

The wood pumpkin I made at a Home Depot women’s class a few years ago with my sister. It was such a blast! My idea was to fill it with candy and let the trick or treaters pick candy from that. Inside is a bit too dangerous for kids to be sticking their hands into. I didn’t want anyone to get slivers with their candy.

It would be fun to fill it with straw or something fall. The pumpkins we have this year didn’t quite fit. It just sits empty but that is okay. You can’t tell unless you are on the porch.

I never got around to getting a fall door mat, so…we have our Halloween one still. It’s totally cool to mix and match holidays, right? Haha!

The door hanging was a fun girl’s night activity about a year or two ago. I talk more about it here. The whole project was about $4. That’s what I’m talking about! I love that is it simple and a change from a wreath.


Here are a couple simple fall decorations inside the house. 🙂

My cute 6 year old son kept moving some of the little pumpkins on the piano. It would bug me so I would move them back. it would bug him so he would move them back down. Haha! We didn’t realized this was happening. So now we leave them how he wanted them. 🙂

See what I am talking about? A simple fall porch that consist of three things: pumpkins of different sizes, a wood pumpkin decoration, and a door sign. That is it. So simple and fun.


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