4 Reasons Why You Need to Make a Fall Day Trip to Logan

If you have a day off in October and live close to Logan, Utah then you should read about 4 reasons why you need to make a fall day trip to Logan.

Last year during fall break my little family and I went on a day trip to Logan, Utah. Grandpa Robbins came with us and we had a blast. Logan is a smaller town and is the home to Utah State University. It is stunning in the fall with so many colorful fall trees. I am going to give you 4 reasons why you need to make a fall day trip to Logan, Utah.

Gossner Foods

I have lived my whole life in Utah and I never knew about Gossner Foods until last year. Where have I been? Gossners is a cheese and milk plant. There are three plants, with the one in Logan being the original one. First of all the milk is Grade A and packaged in a way to give it awesome shelf life. You guys, it doesn’t need to be in the fridge until you want to chill and drink it! How awesome is that?! But, it gets better. There are some yummy flavors of milk. Banana milk anyone? Or how about mango? Or cookies in cream? Or root beer milk?

We had to try many flavors, because why not! A few days after we got home we have a taste testing party. It was fun to try all the flavors at once. The winners were…

You can buy the milk in 32 oz and 8 oz containers. This makes it perfect for so many occasions: any meal at home, school lunches, picnics, backpacking, camping, day trips, food storage, and pretty much anything you can think of. 🙂 The awesomeness doesn’t end there. They also have whipping cream, cheese spreads, and cheese.

Within the last few months I found out that you can make a huge order of at least 25 cases and get 5% off. The cool thing about ordering a huge order is the expiration dates are further out, 12-18 months. I plan on seeing if any friends want to in on the 25+ cases.

When buying a case of 8 oz containers you will get 27 cartons for around $8-$10. The case of 32 oz containers has 12 cartons for around $10-$12 each. Each flavor is a different price. Now that we know what to expect we will be planning a bigger budget for Gossner Foods this year. And we will be ordering before we head down.

Aggie Creamery

After we spent what seemed like a small fortune on milk we went to the Aggie Creamery. Most of my family ordered hot dogs and they were the worst hot dogs we had ever seen! They were hard and uneatable. I went to the cute gal that was working there and told her about the hot dogs. She made some more for us, nice and fresh. They were night and day different.


I had ordered some soup and it was perfect! It was a cold and rainy day. Soup totally hit the spot. I hope they still have the soup for when we go in next week. And what trip to any creamery would be complete without some ice cream?!

The line for ice cream was very, very long. It was so long that the end was out the door, in the cold weather. But, us Utahans love ice cream any time of the year. 🙂 If you are ever in Logan you really need to stop at the Aggie Creamery and get yourself some divine ice cream.

Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store

Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store was another place I had no idea was located in Utah. The location in Logan is a discounted store. Woohoo! We bought a very large box of the store Goldfish cracker bags for around $20. It was so nice to have a large stash of fGoldish crackers in our food storage. And an added bonus, they were Ligthening McQueen ones.

While the store front is small it packs a punch. They have a freezer section, that I honestly can’t remember what was in it. I’ll update you when we get back next week with what they have in their freezer section. They have shelves of crackers in many different flavors. They also have the bags of cookies. I tried the lemon chocolate Milano cookies. Everything is a discounted price from what you pay in grocery stores.

What made this a fun stop for the kids was the small table by the entrance that had 3-4 different flavored Goldfish crackers to try. The small baskets on wheels were also a blast for them to wheel around the store and put food in. We will also make a stop here for some crackers and cookies.

Pumpkin Walk

Eddy was telling one of his coworkers about our trip to Logan before we went last year. She told him about a pumpkin walk that we should check out. It is just what it sounds like, a pumpkin walk. A pathway through a park is lined with hundreds of carved pumpkins. To make it even more fun is the scenes made by people using…you guessed it, pumpkins! I can’t imagine the time and effort that was put into the pumpkin walk.

This is a free event that would make for a fun family activity. It took us about 30 minutes to walk through the whole thing. There are fun painted cutouts to take pictures with. At the end of the pumpkin walk we got a mini doughnut while we waited for a photo op with a witch.

This was such a fun way to end our wonderful day in Logan. This is going to be October tradition. It serves two purposes:

  1. Spending time together at a family doing some fun things and celebrating fall and Halloween.
  2. Stocking up on milk and crackers, every kids dream. 🙂

If you live close to Logan then these 4 reasons why you need to make a fall day trip to Logan will hopefully make you want to get up and go. If you don’t live close enough to Logan to make a day trip, then I hope you can make it when you are closer. Any time of the year is fun to visit Logan.

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