6 Children Christmas Books to Read This Year

6 Children Christmas Books to Read This Year

Christmas is getting near. Do you have some wonderful children books to read with your little ones? Well, here are 6 great ones that your littles will love.

Happy holidays! And happy reading! If you read any of my Blogtober Halloween book posts (here, here, here, and here) then get excited because here is a Christmas one. Below are 6 children Christmas books to read this year. They are fun and your kiddos will love them.

The Story of Christmas

The cute board book, The Story of Christmas, written by Patricia A. Pingry is a fun version of the reason behind Christmas. It starts out with a modern family talking about why we celebrate Christmas. It then goes through the birth of Jesus and ends back with the family celebrating Christmas.

The Christmas Story

The pictures illustrated by Carol Heyer are BEAUTIFUL in this retold story, The Christmas Story. She is a very talented artist. This book starts with Mary and Joseph before they knew they were going to have Jesus. It continues through them traveling to Bethlehem, having baby Jesus, and ends with Jesus grown up. This is a great story about the true meaning behind Christmas.

Gingerbread Friends

On my, how I LOVE Jan Brett!! She is an amazing artist and her pictures include so much detail. Jan Brett has some wonderful holiday and winter books. I just may need to do a post all about her. 

In this book, Gingerbread Friends, the sassy Gingerbread Baby is lonely. So Mattie makes him a surprise while the Gingerbread Baby goes on an adventure looking for some friends. This is a spin off of The Gingerbread Boy.

Santa Knows

This book, Santa Knows, by Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith is one of my kid’s favorites. After getting out our holiday tubs this was the first book they wanted to read. 

A young boy, named Alfie, is certain there is no Santa Clause. He goes to great length to prove it to his little sister and everyone else he meets. On Christmas Eve Alfie stays by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to NOT arrive. This book has a fun ending, so go check it out.

The Biggest, Best, Snowman

Have you ever been the littlest person? Have you been the person that no one thinks you can do something grand or small? Well, Little Nell is that person in The Biggest, Best, Snowman by Margery Cuyler.

Little Nell lives with her BIG Mama, and her BIG sisters: BIG Sarah and BIG Lizzie. They all would tell Little Nell she was too little and she couldn’t help. So Little Nell would go out in the Big snowy woods and play with her animal friends. One day Little Nell builds something big and grand. It sure makes BIG Mama and her Big sisters take notice. You might even find a hidden message in this cute book.

The Night Before Christmas

No holiday book selection would be complete without this classic! The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Holly Hobbie includes fabulous pictures. She does a great job of matching beautiful pictures to the poem by Clement C. Moore. There are so many versions of this book out there. But these pictures are really breath taking. 

Mr. E was so very excited to get out our holiday books, and so was I. We try to read at least one book together every day as a family. The kids will also grab books to look at throughout the day. It sure makes me happy to spy them happily reading. 

There are so many Christmas books it was hard to pick just 6 children Christmas books to read this year. What are some of your favorite ones? Let me know so I can do another post with more amazing holiday books. 



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