Depressed while pregnant

Depressed While Pregnant: 10 Tips To Help You

Here are 10 tips to help you if you are depressed while pregnant. All hope is not lost, you can and will get better. You need to start by getting help.

You are pregnant and in a short time you will bring a wonderful baby into your life and add to your family. Such a happy time right now, right? Maybe. If you are suffering by being depressed while pregnant it may not be the happiest time.

Depression can suck the life out of you, even during times that should be wonderful and amazing. Trust me, I know first hand.

I have had pregnancies where I was not depressed and I have been depressed while pregnant. It’s not fun. But, never fear! I’m here to give you…

10 Tips To Help You If You Are Depressed While Pregnant

Talk to Your Health Care Provider

First things first, you need to talk to your health care provider. Whether that is your OBGYN, mid wife, family doctor, NP, etc. Make that call or bring it up in your prenatal visits.

depressed while pregnant

It’s going to be hard. It might be embarrassing. But, it will be WORTH it! You can totally do this, I have faith in you.

Get a Therapist

Isn’t talking to my health care provider enough? It might be. But in my experience (and many others that I have talked with) talk therapy has been life changing! LIFE CHANGING!!

I’m not being dramatic here. I’m being totally honest. For the past 4 years I have been seeing a therapist. She has helped me change my life. Finding the right therapist might be hard, but stick with it. The right one is out there for you.


To medicate or not, that’s a huge question. Personally I wanted to go the route of not being medicated. I went to my therapist weekly for a long time. With some of the things that we did I was able to make some big changes and improvements.

Then it hit me hard, that I needed to take the next step. Which was starting an antidepressant. You can read all about why I made that choice about 2 years ago here.


It hasn’t been all peaches and cream since I started taking them. But I have noticed a big improvement. Currently I am pregnant and I am still taking my meds. You can take antidepressants while being pregnant.

Not convinced? Ask me any questions and I’ll have my pharmacist hubby help me by answering your questions. Also, talk with and to you health care provider for what would be best for you if you want to try medication.

Connect With Others In Your Boat

Once I was more open about my mental health issues I have found that others have been more open to sharing with me about theirs. In person and online. I have found I have developed a deeper connection with those friends and strangers.

depression triggers

Connecting with others who can relate can be such an important step in helping you heal. I have a very supportive husband. He supports me, loves me, and wants what’s best for me. But, he cannot relate. It’s not his fault. It’s not my fault.

It is just what is it. By connecting with others in my same boat via face to face or on social media has been helpful. I’d suggest looking for groups online and reaching out to a few trusted family members or friends.

Mommy and Me Groups

This is a great time to get out and take any littles that you might have to a mommy and me group. There are so many places that do these groups. Some are free (hello public libraries) and others are a paid membership or paid per visit.

Do a simple google search to find some in your area. You will probably find some other mommies that are in your same boat…which you can connect to. It is also a great way to get OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Start a Daily Journal

So, I’m a bit of a hypocrite… If you can spend a few minutes daily writing about what and how your day went you will find over time that it can be very soothing.

May goals

The times that I wrote something down (even one sentence) and was consistent with it I felt better. You can buy a fun journal or just use scratch paper. You can write pages or just a few bullet points. Just start writing. 🙂

Meditation or Yoga

I have mentioned many times before the calm and peace I have felt when I consistently participate in yoga and/or meditation. First, I started with yoga. Here is a great and free recourse for online yoga.

Not only is yoga good for the mind and soul but it feels so good mentally and physically after a yoga session. When I am consistent I have found that it rolls over into my life as a whole, not just when I’m doing yoga.

Morning Routine

We have started to do more meditation as a family in my house. It has helped as calm down before bedtime, helped with mine and my daughters anxiety, and teaching us all how to calm ourselves when we need a good calming.


Working out might be the LAST thing you want to do right now. I totally get it! I’m on my 6th pregnancy (5th baby) and each pregnancy has been a little different in how I am able to work out.

depressed while pregnant
Workout Gear

With my first I was hiking and biking in Moab when I was 8 months pregnant. Each pregnancy it has gotten harder and harder for me to walk. So I have had to find other way to work out. Spinning has been a huge help.

If it’s a 10 minute walk, lifting some weights, swimming, running, attending your favorite workout class, dancing, etc. get your body moving! It will help natural endorphins lift your spirits.

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

depressed while pregnant

Get yourself outside! Even if it’s not the most sunny day. Being outside, breathing fresh air will help you. While your at it, walk around the block… Get your exercise and daily dose of vitamin D at the same time. 🙂 This is a good way to help when you are depressed while pregnant.


When you are depressed while pregnant laughing might seem like the last thing you want to do. That is when you need to force yourself to laugh. You can put on your favorite comedy, watch a comedian on Dry Bar, or hang with your funniest friends.

I hope that no matter where you are in your journey of pregnancy and depression that you can use at least one of these tip to help you. What are other ways you have helped yourself? Please share in the comments. 🙂

Xxx, Steph

I am not a medical professional or therapist. I am simply a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend that struggles with depression and anxiety. Please reach out to anyone (me included) if you are needing help. Here are also some good resources as well:

Here are some links to blog posts I’ve written about mental health and ways to help oneself.

Depressed while pregnant

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  1. Thanks for sharing this much needed information. Pregnancy was always very hard for me mentally. Everyone expects you to be glowing and happy which makes it harder to cope with feelings of depression. We need to know we are not alone!

  2. Mine hit hard after I had my first. It was difficult to recognize it at first. Getting outside is a must as the weather permits!

  3. Discussion and bringing this out in the open is so important, especially for those who feel that they are the only one experiencing this. Great article – thank you for speaking about this!

  4. Great tips. Depression during pregnancy is still not talked about enough. And unless you had been diagnosed with depression before you got pregnant, chances are your provider won’t even screen you for it.

    1. Thank you! I agree, it needs to be talked about more. With my current pregnancy my OBGYN had a paper to fill out once, but we both already know about my depression. But at least that’s a step in the right direction.

  5. Thanks for being so vulnerable and real for this post. It’s so good to hear how others utilize therapy. It’s invaluable. I was depressed during my third pregnancy and basically relied on prayer and exercise. I definitely could’ve use a good friend or therapist.

  6. I really wish mental health was a topic that was more widely discussed during pregnancy. It looks like you’ve given great ideas and suggestions on this topic!

  7. Great article. Dry bar comedy is totally a “medicine” of my choice. Journaling is another method for me to work through trials.

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