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Using Food Storage Containers For Inside Storage

I’m at it again, thinking outside the box with these amazing food storage containers. I’m sharing ways that I have used them for things other than food.

I’m here to show you another way you can use these amazing food containers. A few weeks ago I shared how I was using them outside. Now it is time to take these food storage containers inside.

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I’m not talking about using these food storage containers for food. That will come later. For now, let’s get creative here and see what fun things can be stored inside! 🙂

food storage containers

But first, here are some basic info about these containers.

This food storage container set by Chef’s Path contains 7 containers in 4 different sizes. This is just one way these containers are so versatile.

Included in this set you will get 7 BPA-FREE containers:

  • 1 – 1.9 L/8 cups container
  • 2 – 1.2 L/5.1 cups container
  • 2 – 0.8 L/3.4 cups container
  • 2 – 0.5 L/2.1 cups container
  • 10 reusable chalkboard labels
  • chalkboard marker
  • air tight containers
  • stackable
  • safe for liquids, freezer and fridge use

If you are anything like me than you are going to have many ways to put these to good use. With kiddos comes a lot of stuff. I love to have things have a home.

food storage containers

When using the food storage containers for non food items things have a home. You can get creative and make labels or use the clear plastic to your advantage and just see what is in there.

Here are some things that can find their home in any of the containers

  • crayons, markers, colored pencils
  • little toys
  • art supplies
  • blocks, cubes
  • magnetic letters
  • cotten balls, q-tips, or other bathroom items
  • buttons
  • little ojects that one might collect

There are endless possibilities of items that can be stored in the food storage containers.

Another reason I like them for non food items as well as food items is that they stack. This makes it easy to use the different sizes in different spaces to make it work for you.

food storage containers

They are sturdy enough that little hands will be able to hold them, open them up, and stack them when they put them back. If you want something more durable than plastic tuberwear, these are it.

What are some items you would use these containers for that are non food? Share in the comments. And as always I’d love to see any pictures of you putting the containers to good use around your homes. 🙂

Xxx, Steph
food storage containers

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  1. The containers look nice and handy…I like to arrange different containers around my home especially in the kitchen…

  2. Always good to see how folks organize. I do well in spurts but I know when its done – it feels great and I am so much better at keeping ahead of things Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Such great ideas! I have recycled (cleaned/spray-painted) aluminum food cans into containers to hold pens and pencils. And we also save the plastic boxes that sandwich meats often come in, then use them to store everything from thread to beads to other small crafting items. You’re right, food storage containers have so many practical non-food uses!

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