August 2019 Goals

August 2019 Goals and July Recap

Are you a bit curious of my August 2019 goals? Or are you wanting to know if I was able to meet my goals for July. Either way, check it out.

All right you guys, another month bit the dust. So I’m at it again, sharing my August 2019 goals with you all.

I want to take a minute to thank you all! You are helping me to be proactive and getting my goals done. Thank you for reading my posts, sharing them, and commenting. It means the world to me!

Let me take a quick minute to do a July 2019 goal recap.

July 2019 Goals

Random Spaces: home office, garage, and yard

My home office is done! In fact I’m sitting and working in it right now. Bam! It feels awesome to finally have a dedicated work space. 🙂

home office

The garage… half of it is done. Does that count? Haha! Yes it does. Oh, I spent a few minutes putting the rest of our camping stuff and some kid clothes and shoes away.

The home gym is pretty much done. We have just a few last finishing touches to do. I have been using the treadmill and I love having the space all set up just waiting for us to work out in it.

August 2019 goals

We have a few more things to sale or get rid of. And the tools to finish organizing. I’ll keep you updated with that progress.

And the yard, the never ending project. At least it seems that way. We are still working on things we’d like to do in the yard. I’m coming to terms with it being a life long project. 😉

Laundry Room

Our laundry room is one room I am very happy and proud about. I had about an hour and a half to myself while Eddy took the kids to swim lessons. In that time I did most of the laundry room. That’s what I’m talking about!

laundry room

It took me about another 30-60 minutes to be done besides the few decorative things. I even took time to get to Target to purchase the few decorative things. And even better I got them put into the laundry room.

This is one finished room!

Healthy Snacks

Can I get a woohoo??! I actually got this goal finished. It only took me about 3 months… or was it more? Anyways, I found or created 4 new and healthy recipes that I hadn’t tried before.

I have shared a bit on Instagram. But I will dedicate a post or more to those healthy snacks. Because you will want to try them. 🙂

August 2019 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Food Trackers
  • Living Room
  • Family Room
  • Storage Room

Food Trackers

I need to get back on track with using my food trackers. Anyone else with me? I am not very consistent with using them daily. I tend to make better eating choices when I am holding myself more accountable.

Last year I made some food trackers that fit me. They are easy to use, fast, and use little paper. What’s not to love? You can get your trackers here. Then head here to get more info about them, read to the bottom. 🙂

Living Room

My living room is going to be a pretty easy room to get done in one day. The biggest hassle will be cleaning it. I have tried to keep it pretty clean and clutter free.

This room will get to be cleaned by everyone in the family! It’s going to be a party. At least it will be for me! Hee hee

Family Room

Just like the living room, my family room will also be pretty easy. There are a few more pieces of furniture that will take more time. I’m excited to tackle the games and give my bookcase some love.

Storage Room

The storage room is not as bad as it once was. I have taken some time a few years ago to organize it better. Since then it has stayed pretty good.

It has collected some things that don’t belong. So they will need to find a new home or leave our home. 🙂 I also would like to add some storage bins for some food. And of course check to make sure the food is still good.

I am hoping that this will also be a one day project. If that is the case then we are talking 3 days and three rooms will be cleaned, decluttered, and organized.

Work Goals

  • Write as many posts for August that can be written by August 10th
  • Work on my super top secret, I can’t talk about project 🙂

I have been making my home a major priority the last few months. I originally thought I would take one space each month and take it easy.

Once I got started I just wanted to keep going faster and faster. It is so nice to have spaces that look and feel better. I love getting rid of things and feeling “lighter”.

So I decided to try to get my house cleaned, decluttered, and organized faster then I first thought. I look forward to having a house that is all the way “done”.

Then I will get to maintain it and enjoy it more.

My goals changed. I changed. That’s okay! If you have the same or similar thing happen to you, EMBRACE it! Go with the flow! And see where it takes you.

Good luck with your August 2019 goals or whatever goals you are working on right now. Shoot me a comment to let me know what your goals are right now. I’d love to support and cheer you on!

Xoxo, Steph

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