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What Happens When You Clean Your Laundry Room

It’s laundry room reveal! This was a small space that has a lot of function. This laundry room is CLEAN and ORGANIZED! Check it out to see the pics.

It’s finally the day to show you my new and improved laundry room. It does not look much different from the before. But now it’s sparkly clean. And a bit more organized.

I may have sweated my way through cleaning out the laundry room. I had sweat literally dripping off of me. It didn’t help that I had worked out a bit before and that my house is a heater.

Double the calories were burned…at least that what I told myself when I ate my ice cream cone later that day. Then some of three of my kiddos… haha!

Here are my steps when I declutter and organize any space:

  • Empty out the space
  • Clean it so it shines
  • Go through all of your stuff/junk
  • Decide what you want to keep, sale, give away, and toss
  • Put everything back in an organized way.


There were some things I just couldn’t take out (washer, dryer, sink and cabinet, hanging cupboards, and toilet). Everything else in the laundry room came out.

If you’re like us then you find random things stashed in random places. On top of our hanging cabinets were some things that didn’t belong. It was nice to get it cleared out and cleaned off.

Most of the things inside the hanging cabinets and under the sink were things that needed to be there. But it was nice to reorganize those spaces anyways.


I am not sure the last time some of the ares in the laundry room/bathroom got cleaned. And I’m not going to lie, it was pretty gross. I wore gloves for this one. Haha!

Now, my laundry room is SPARKLING!! That is until a child looks in that direction… HA! But for one second I might think about eating off the floor. Okay, maybe not. It’s still a bathroom.


Dejunking is becoming such a fun part of this process for me. I love seeing what we have held onto that we just don’t need anymore. It’s so very nice to see it leave our house when I get to that step.

We had some seasonal clothes that needed to be put back in the correct places. There were also a bunch of random things that found a “home” on top of the hanging cabinet.

laundry room

I can honestly say that everything in the laundry room does triple duty. We are talking a very small laundry room, half bathroom, and mudroom all smashed into one small space.

Even though it is small and we have a hard time all leaving or returning home, I love having those spaces. It’s my trifecta room. Haha!


Now that I have dejunked my laundry room I get to decide where things need to go. Things that need to return have found a good home for them. Things that need to be thrown away were quickly put in the trash or recycle.

We only had a few things that needed to be given away. Most was either tossed or rehomed to a different and more practical place. Do you like my new word? Rehomed. It’s totally a thing. 🙂

Again, just like with other decluttering and organizing projects I’m learning the faster I get the stuff out of my home the better.


Oh, the fun of finding new homes for everything. Or at least putting things back into their proper home. It is just so satisfying. This step and then coming into a newly cleaned space is fantastic!

Need something new to help you organize? Remember it’s important to see what you have, think about where it will fit, and then go out and buy any new organizing pieces that you may need.

Before and After Pictures

Some things may not look too much different. That’s okay, it has a totally different feel. Some cupboards were reorganized. Like items were put together. Extra items were placed in the super cute teal baskets on top of the hanging cupboards.

I know I have said that I was waiting until the whole house was decluttered and organized before I bought decorative items. But I just couldn’t help it. Target, you did it again! HAHA!

So do you have a laundry room that may need some love? Please send me updates and pictures of your progress. I love seeing them!

Happy deluttering and organizing of your laundry room!

Xoxo, Steph

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