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7 Days of Gratitude: Week 4

This is the last post in my mini series, 7 Days of Gratitude. 7 more things I appropriate. It sure is nice to actively think about the things you are grateful for.

Hello my friends! It has been so much fun to write about so many things that I am grateful for. It has helped me to be more grateful and to think more about the things I take for granted.


Music is good for the soul! It can affect my mood and get me pumped up. If I’m in a bad mood you better believe I’m going to listen to something more heavy and crank up some punk music. When I need to calm down then I try to listen to something soft. Then you better believe I will be singing loud for all to hear, at least in the walls of my car or house.

Music has this ability to help or hurt our moods. There is a ton of meaning and emotions attached to music. How quiet would the world be without music to fill the silence? I’m so grateful to be able to hear such fun, crazy, and beautiful music.


being silly with Mr. E
Yep, I know this picture is blurry and hard to look at. 🙂

Life would be very boring without humor! I can’t tell you how many times a bad mood or a sticky situation has been fixed because of a good laugh. Or maybe even just a chuckle. Think about all the times that were made great by humor and laughing.

Eddy has a great sense of humor. That is one of the things I liked about him first. It is one of the things I love about him now. He is very funny and makes me laugh all the time. I’m so grateful for that.

Laughing is pretty awesome because it can help burn calories, woohoo. But more importantly is just feels awesome to have a good belly laugh. Try to find someone, something, a TV show, a funny book, anything that makes you laugh. Then keep it close by you so you can have humor in your life.


Picture taken by my 3 year old. Do not mind the blurriness.#sorrynotsorry

AHHHH naps! They are a wonderful thing, are they not? When kids take good naps it’s simply magical. It’s like gift everyone will love. They are rested and more fun to be around. And hello, a break!

But, why should little kids get all the fun? Let’s talk about taking a nap for ourselves. Sometimes it’s all I can do to stay awake until my kids are napping or having quiet time and I crash. I love waking up feeling well rested. That doesn’t happen all the time. That’s okay, I’ll take my chances.

I love naps! There, I said it. I bet you love them too… 🙂


I started playing volleyball when I was a freshman in high school. My bestie and I just happened into it. We were approached by another high school student. The coach had him come up to us and ask if we wanted to try out for volleyball. Do you want to know why? We are both tall. Haha!

Well, I am so happy that he did and that we decided to try out. I mean it was that or take the sewing class that we were going to do. So I think we made a good decision. However, I would be a much better sewer then I am today. 😉

Volleyball helped me in soooooo many ways. It kept me very busy which was great for my high school and college ADD self. Because I was so busy I was able to focus better and get some things done easier without procrastinating as much. I got a lot of exercise. That is just good for you and for my ADD self. I made some amazing friends. I was able to travel and play in some cool places. We didn’t always get to do much site seeing.

By playing volleyball I was able to learn and have a lot of experiences of working together with a group of people. Some people I got along with great and a few it was a little harder. This was also good for me.

I was able to cheer and support my many teams and they did the same for me. Even when it wasn’t fun, I was able to support someone who beat me out to start or played more.

I miss playing volleyball. I have played a little every once in a while since having kids. Someday when I can jump without the fear a peeing myself I would love to start playing again. Haha!!


When we lived in our basement apartment we had some great neighbors. We lived on the same street with my in laws. Our landlord was awesome. We were surrounded by good people. When we bought our house we were a little nervous because we didn’t know anyone. It’s not too easy to just sell your house and move if you have crummy neighbors.

We sure lucked out in that department. Our neighbors are great! We watch out for each other. We help each other out. And while we are talking neighbors can I just say I live in the best neighborhood! It’s okay, you can be jealous. 😉

I’m very grateful for my little village that I live nearby.

Ice Cream

You might be thinking you already talked about food in this post. Why are you mentioning ice cream? Well, I just love it that much! Lol! We usually have ice cream in our freezer. I can always go for ice cream. It tastes amazing. It can help me feel amazing (see I told you I was an emotional eater).

I’m grateful that my body allows me to eat ice cream. It makes me happy. Oh, maybe I should make a goal to eat ice cream for every meal one day…over kill? Maybe. Any other ice cream lovers out there??


“I need you to stay. So now I come to you with open arms. Nothing to hide, believe what I say. So here I am with open arms, hoping you’ll see what your love means to me, opens arms.”

Name that song! So we are driving while I’m typing and this song, Open Arms by Journey, was on. You guys, it kind of fits perfectly!

Let’s be honest, I’d love for you to stay and be a part of my little world on the internet. What I have to share isn’t always easy so I am opening my arms (but mostly my heart) with you. I don’t want to lie or hide what I’m going through. I want you to know (and believe) that what I say is the honest truth.

I am here opening my arms for an internet hug to anyone who needs one or just wants one. 🙂 And lastly I really and truly love and appreciate you for reading my posts, sharing them (hint hint, hee hee), supporting me, and staying around.

I love you and am so grateful for YOU!!!

It sure has been fun to do this 7 Days of Gratitude mini series. Even if I’m done writing about the things I am grateful for I am not done being grateful. That is a lifelong adventure. Here are my other posts in this series (here, here, and here). I am also doing a week long Instagram challenge where I am posting something I am grateful for each day. This started with my Sunday Motivational quote last Sunday, it was about yelling it loud and clear what we are grateful for. Join me in the fun here. Tag me so I can see what YOU are grateful for. Hugs to you all my wonderful friends.



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