Organizing Your Kitchen? Read This!

If you are planning on organizing your kitchen or just a part of it then this post is for YOU! I did my WHOLE kitchen, every part of it.

So you want to organize your kitchen do you? I’m so happy that you are here and wanting to read how I tackled such an intimidating space. You are going to see before and after pictures, my mini and big plans, and some tips that will help you tackle your kitchen.

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First of all I go into much more detail about my decluttering, cleaning, and organizing routine in this post. That will help you a ton! After you have read that, come back here and keep reading how I used those techniques to get my WHOLE kitchen done.

Make Plans

If you don’t have a plan and if you have a scattered brain like me then you might not be as productive as you could be. This is where having a plan comes into place.

  • Write your big plan down! You can use these free printables for every space in your house, plus your mental and physical plans.
  • If you are doing a big space, i.e. the kitchen, then you will want to brake it down into smaller goals. (Unless you are an animal and can get the whole kitchen done in one day. If you are, I NEED to meet you! haha!) I did three mini goals or three weeks.
  • Get to action! Schedule it in on your calendar, tell a friend, get your family to help, set reminders in your phone, set a timer for 10 minutes and just get started.

My big plan was using my simplifying printable to write down everything I wanted to declutter, clean, and organize in my kitchen. Spoil alert…it was everything! I mean, why do something half heartily right?

My mini plan was splitting my items on my big list into three smaller lists. I broke it down by sections in my kitchen. One was the area around my fridge and pantry. The next one was the wall that has my oven, cupboards and drawers. The last was the big counter area- everything above and below.

When I started this project I had three weeks before I needed to have this completed and posted on my blog. That is why I decided to split my big list into three mini lists/three weeks.

There were a few times that I had more time, more momentum, more help from my family which helped me to get a head start on my next mini plan. Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you have to stick with it, for good or bad. Give yourself some slack and let yourself cruise on.

Before and After Pictures

Here the before and afters of pretty much every drawer, cupboard, and area in my kitchen. Sometimes I open one just to look at it and feel the calm from how organized and decluttered it is! Haha!

Helpful Tips and Tricks

One of the biggest things that helped me was getting my kiddos involved. It just so happened that they had a lot of extra chores that they needed to do to make money to help pay for something they broke when they were messing around and not making a good choice, at all. How’s that for a sentence?! Haha!

So for every drawer or cupboard that they decluttered and cleaned out they got to cross off one of their extra chores. I let them do that part without much help. I did help them organize the drawers and cupboards because, well, my sanity depended on it!

Get yourself some microfiber rags for cleaning. With just water they clean so well. And with kiddos helping you will save on cleaner, we all know kids LOVE to work the spray bottles like their life depended on it. I found mine on Amazon and gave them to myself for Christmas.

Oh, the best part (Side note… I told you my brain wonders…) was I forgot what they were when they shipped. Since I had bought a few other things from Amazon for Christmas for Eddy I figured these were for him as well. I wrapped them up and gave them to him. He was a little confused when he opened them up on Christmas morning. I was happy though! LOL!

Like I mentioned before let yourself drift from your plan, especially if you are still working on the project. It was a Friday of the first week. I had about an hour to work on kitchen cleaning.


I was supposed to work on the fridge wall (cupboards above and to the right of the fridge). On you guys I really didn’t want to start those areas. So I did different areas in my kitchen.

I still got to cross things off my list. I still got some areas of my kitchen cleaned. It was either that or not do anything in my kitchen that day. I adapted and still won.

Try to pick times when you get bust out some cleaning and won’t get interrupted too often. If I know that I have 30-60 minutes to work my behind off before I need to get kids from school, etc. then I will work like nobody’s business.

If you need a motivator to start, then set your time for 10 minutes. You can clean for 10 minutes. I bet you could get one drawer started AND finished. After that, tell me that you are not motivated to keep going or do one more drawer!


Set a deadline to have the whole project finished. If not, then it might be two years later and you are just getting finished with and outside DIY project.

You can have a race with a friend who is also needing to work on their kitchen. Or race with your spouse with a project they want to complete. Make and keep it friendly.

Set up a reward for yourself when you get it done. Buy that fun basket for your produce in the pantry. Get yourself some ice cream to celebrate you being done. Or plan a day with no cleaning involved.

I really hope these before and after pictures, helpful tips, and plans help you to be successful when you tackle your kitchen. And don’t forget to show me your before and after pictures. I’d love to show them on my Instagram stories!

Xxx, Steph

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  1. I like the before pictures aren’t very messy. You are good at staying up on the tidy. I love the turn table for the cupboard above your microwave. I love mine for my spices because they are in a narrow cupboard. I think giving yourself a Christmas gift is a lovely idea, but accidentally giving your husband cleaning rags is awesome! 😂

    1. Oh thanks! Some weren’t very messy but others were a disaster! haha! This is the first time I’ve had a turn table and so far I’m loving it! Hint, hint eddy…haha!!

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