Family Room Declutter and Organizing Project

One more project checked off! Take a look to see how I decluttered, cleaned, and organized my family room in one day with the help of my family.

One of my personal goals for August was to tackle my family room. I knew it was going to be pretty easy because there is not much in there. Plus I recently went through the toys and got them decluttered.

To stay true to my way of tackling a room or space let’s start by taking as much out as I can. 🙂

Take it All Out

To be honest there was not much that I could take out, that’s what I thought. HA! Then I got started on everything inside the big pieces of furniture. Books, movies, games, workout equipment, and random junk.

Everything went in boxes or bins and into another room. My kiddos were pretty helpful with this part.

Got My Clean On

This was the perfect project to get my clean on, and the clean of my family on. At least my kiddos. Eddy was outside getting projects done. So we gave them the choice of helping dad outside or mom inside.

We got busy cleaning the walls, baseboards, ceiling fan, windows, binds, ceilings (as best we could), carpet, and all the furniture. We cranked the music and had a blast, mostly had a blast. 🙂

Haha, did I just say we had a blast? Sometimes we had a blast and other times I was going to rip my hair out. But we got it cleaned.


One of my new favorite things! I really wanted my kids to help and I did let them with what I could handle. It’s so good for them to see me going through the process of getting rid of junk.

When I couldn’t handle it any longer I let them run away. Run, children, run while you can. Haha!

family room
These may not look like pile, but this circle has piles. 🙂

I made 4 piles: to keep, to sell or donate, to recycle, and to throw away. Once I was done going through things it was time to get the piles to the correct places.

Off to the trash and recycle those piles went. And off to the junk pile in the garage with the stuff I was going to try to sell or donate. And then another one of my favorite things…

Organize My Family Room

In my family room we have 4 places for “stuff” to go. One is the bookcase in the corner, the low chest that I inherited from my grandparents, the armoire , and the TV console.

The bookcase needs to hold a few books, photo albums, and then trinkets on the top few shelves. On the very bottom we have a cute basket with balls and football helmets. The shelf above that holds some kids books.

The low chest is finally out in the open. For years it was in weird places or in storage in our basement. There are 3 cupboards. One holds stuffed animals, the middle one holds baby toys, and the last one holds baby books.

The armoire, ok this is a hard word to remember how to spell… Anyways we got this from my aunt and uncle when they moved. We painted it a pretty green because I wanted us too and we had so many big brown things in the room. We needed color. This will hold games, movies, a few random odds and ends.

Last but not least is the TV console that is under our hanging TV. This piece holds things like our DVD player, Eddy’s Xbox (that hardly ever gets used), and work out things and vidoes.

Now that we have our home gym in our garage all of the workout things will be moved into there. Honestly I am not sure what we will put in there. For now I will try to make it look pretty. 🙂

The last step will be putting things on the walls. It’s been 4 years and they are still blank. Maybe I was waiting for all the random damage that would happen; water leaks, twice, and termites.

After I get through decluttering and organizing all the spaces in my house then I will give myself a small budget to decorate the rooms. Woohoo! I can hold out a few more months, so stay tuned to see what and how I decorate my family room.

I hope you find some inspiration to get your decluttering, cleaning, and organizing groove on. Let me know what you are working on and how it’s going in the comments.

Xoxo, Steph

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