October 2019 Goals

October 2019 Goals and September Recap

Do you make monthly goals? I’ll tell you what! I have never been more productive since I started making monthly goals. Check out my October 2019 goals.

Can you believe that it’s time for another month of goals? It seems like I was just doing this for September. Maybe it’s because I’m writing one post a week. Maybe it’s because time is speeding up. Either way I’m here with my October 2019 goals.

September 2019 Goals

  • Outside Furniture
  • Be Happy Trackers
  • Kitchen

Outside Furniture

The cat is out of the bag. At last! Two years ago I started this project. It’s about time that I finish it. I made a DIY outside couch! We now have more comfy spaces to sit outside. You will find me hanging out on the couch reading till the cows come home…

Or until my kiddos come calling.

Be Happy Trackers

It wasn’t until later in September that I finally got my Be Happy trackers printed up. I got a late start but once they were printed up and I had a reminder alarm in my phone I was pretty good about filling them out at night.

February Goals

It sure is a great way to end your day by reflecting on what happened. And starting your day by setting your goal or intentions is amazing.


Guy! I did it! I got my kitchen done. Everything came out of drawers, cupboards, and the pantry. Everything got cleaned. Then I was able to go through what we had to decide if we needed it or we could get rid of it.

During pic when I was doing my pantry.

Everything has a home and a place. You know me, I LOVE that! It will take some time to train my cute family that they also need to put things back in their home. But it will be worth it.

October 2019 Goals

October 2019 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Master Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Random Finishes

Master Bedroom

I am very excited to be able to, finally, work on my bedroom. I left it for last because I knew there were other spaces that would be better for my family to have them done.

It will also be easier to get rid of things that I may not have wanted to months ago. Having gone through most everything in our house at this point will give you good practice. 🙂 I don’t need to hold onto my college jeans in hopes that one day I’ll fit into them again.

I am no longer a college athlete (volleyball anyone?). There’s also that fact that I grew and birthed 4 babies. 🙂 I’m okay to not fit into them anymore.


A few months ago we were able to get half of our garage cleaned out. That was when we got our home gym set up. We are loving it. It makes working out so much better.

A bit before that Eddy installed two hanging shelves. We were able to get so much off the floor and put away. Now we have the side of the garage that is close to the van and the tools. It will be nice to get all of the junk out of there and get the tools really organized.

Random Finishes

Throughout this whole process of decluttering, cleaning, and organzing my whole house there have been spaces or things left unfinished for one reason or another. Now is the time to go back to all of those places and get her done!

October 2019 Goals

After everything is completed I get to set a small decorating budget. I’m super excited to do this and feel like a grown up. Haha! I’m also nervous because I do not consider myself to have that decorating eye.

Work Goals

I have to take a split second to give YOU a huge shout out! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, sharing my posts of social media, and subscribing to my email.

I would not have been as successful with all of my decluttering, cleaning, and organizing other wise. I have been able to be productive because I knew I had people were wanting to see what I did.

My awesome sister in law is a local photographer and blogger. She wrote a post about how you can support your small business owner (and friend) for FREE!! Check it out and see how you can help support all of us little guys. As a small blogger I’d really love it.

What are you working on for your October 2019 goals? Or any goals that you have in your mind?

Xxx, Steph

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