Belly Laugh Day

Belly Laugh Day: Get Your Laugh On

Laughing can help to boost your mood. What if we had some a belly laugh day? Total mental health and stress help!

Today is Belly Laugh Day. How cool is that? I felt this needed to be my mental health and stress strategy. It was going to be something else, but I really feel this needs to be what you read today. Because laughing can be an awesome stress relief and mood booster.

Have you ever had such a great laugh that you considered it a belly laugh?

You know when you can’t stop laughing? Or at least not for long. Even if it’s at an inappropriate time? When you have tears streaming down your face.

Maybe, like me, you get your grandpa laugh. Or your laughing too hard there is no sound coming out kind of belly laugh?

Belly Laugh Day

I sure hope so!

A good laugh can help fix some things in my life. I’m guessing it can for yours also.

Ways To Find a Good Laugh

  • Watch your favorite comedy show (Friends is mine)
  • Watch your favorite comedian (Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan)
  • Read joke books
  • Hang out with funny people (that would be Eddy for me)
  • Girl’s night (we usually get some good laughs in)
  • Do something stupid and start laughing at yourself (sounds lame but it might work for you)

Why Does a Belly Laugh Help with Mental Health and Stress?

There are some short term benefits from laughing: activate and relieve your stress response. Seriously amazing!

When you get laughing it fires up, then cools down your stress response. Laughing may also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Then it decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. Then you get a relaxing and good feeling.

Looking for more long-term benefits? Because there are some as well.

Laughing may make it easier to deal with situations that may be difficult.

Improve your mood. Many people experience depression, sometimes due to chronic illnesses. Laughter can help lessen your stress, depression and anxiety and may make you feel happier. It can also improve your self-esteem.

Mayo Clinic

A belly laugh takes laughing to a whole new level. Am I right?

I challenge you to find someone you can get a good belly laugh with today! It just wouldn’t be right to let Belly Laugh Day go by without laughing so much you almost pee your pants.

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and share an embarrassing story. My hope is that you get the belly laughs. 😊

At me or with me, doesn’t matter. I want to help make you laugh, get the good feeling today.

One day in college I was rushing to get to a class on time. I was wearing my very stylish shoes that I lovelying called my platipus shoes. They were black slip ons that had detailing on the toes. The toes were really wide. Like I got comments on how wide they were. Haha

I was late and ran into my speech class (still one of my least favorite classes, I hate public speeching). The way the room was organized was backwards. The door was right by the board where the teacher was. Then there were a few desks, then up a big step with another row of desks. Then up another big step with another row of desks. And so on.

Now that I’m thinking about it this may not be so unusual room set up. Anyways…

I come rushing into the class, which has started, and everyone stares at me while I run up the big steps. In my black platipus shoes. Then trip! On my dumb platipus shoes. Trip in front of EVERYONE! Ahhhh!

I was so stiking embarrassed. If it were to happen today, I would still be embarrassed but totally laugh at myself and maybe make a funny comment. I was a lot more shy back then as a freshman in college.

Need another story? Sure, you do!

I may have changed the names and people as to not embaress them. 🙂

Years ago, a certain someone and I were at a gym stretching after our workout. It was after I have finished my degree or I was getting my maters. The certain someone was older than me, was also getting their masters.

In the gym working out were young college guys. Well, this certain someone accidently let a fart slip out. Not a silent one, but loud enough that these young guys could hear. It was ALL we could do to not lose it with laughter.

This certain someone was so stinking embarressed! I got a kick out of it. But, would have been totally embarressed if it was me.

There you go, two funny stories to hopefully make you laugh.

Thanks for sharing some laughs with me as I went down memory lane for a bit. I’d love to hear some of your funny stories. Please share in the comments. We want to laugh at you with you together.

Xxx, Steph
Belly Laugh Day

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