November 2019 Goals

November 2019 Goals and October Recap

Now that it is a new month I get to share with you all my November 2019 goals and my October recap. Give it a try and a read!

HOLY MOLY! Only two more months and 2019 is over. Done. In the past. It’s super crazy! I feel like a broken record saying that pretty much every time I write my monthly goal post. And I guess my November 2019 goals will be no different.

It’s like I blink and my kids are 5 years older. It is not fair, stop growing so darn fast! That’s what I say, most of the time. The other times I’m like, get out of my house already! Haha! Maybe I should admit that?!

Anyhoo, let’s get on to the reason I’m writing, November 2019 goals. I have some good ones for you…

So good in fact, I’m going to make you wait until I do a short recap on my October 2019 goals.


  • Master Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Random Finishes

Master Bedroom

I had some grand plans. As of this second my bedroom is much more of a disaster then it was a month ago. The reason it is is because I cleaned out ALL of my clothes!

I threw them all onto my bed. And basically my whole room. It was quite incredible how many clothes I had that I no longer wore. My pants from college. Shirts that were cute back in the day.

They were held onto them because maybe after babies I could fit into them. HA!!! That’s a big fat NO! Even if I could I don’t think I’d want those clothes anymore.

My pile of get rid of clothes was huge! My girls had a fun time dressing up and playing my clothes. And I had a great time looking at a piece of clothing and saying, “Nope! Not going to wear it and not going to hold onto it any longer!”

While my dresser drawers and closet are awesome looking and feeling the rest of the room still needs some work.


Welp, guys, nothing. Nada. We didn’t touch the garage. And that’s okay. The good thing that we did do was clean up after ourselves after our trip. The luggage got put away within a few days.

Our milk haul from Gossner’s didn’t stay too long in the garage before I took it and PUT IT AWAY in the storage room. That is a KEY part of keeping tidy. You have to put it away in it’s home and not just in the space.

Random Finishes

Out of the really long list of random finished we were able to get a few done. I got the front garden bed got weeded and bushes trimmed for winter. The same day Eddy worked on digging out the backyard veggie garden. He also put the drip watering system put away.

I had some extra tubs from my kitchen pantry so I used one in each of our kid’s rooms to hold their extra set of sheets and mattress covers.

And that’s it folks! Haha, I thought I had gotten more done but I guess not. And that’s OKAY!!

Why It is Okay

Let me just take a few seconds to explain why it is okay that I did not get as much done as I wanted to. First of all we were out of town from September 27th – October 9th. That’s almost two weeks! We had an incredible time!

It meant that since we were not home we couldn’t work on projects. Then pretty much the rest of October Eddy worked a lot more. He is able to trade days. So that is what they did, traded many days while they were both out of town.

It makes it very nice to not have to take as many days off when we go out of town. But it can be intense to work 118 in 12 days. He had one day off during those 12 days.

Then add in holiday shenanigans that makes for one tired mama! I was also working on some other work things that needed to be done. So I had to pick the most important priorities.

That is what I did and I have no regrets. So please, PLEASE don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t meet or make all of your goals.

You might need to take it back on your goals for that month. Or do what I’m doing and repeating goals the next month. That brings me to my November 2019 goals… 🙂

November 2019 Goals

November 2019 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Master Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Random Finishes

Master Bedroom

This month I am determined to get stuff out of my house! So next Saturday we are going to hold a true garage sale. We will load our garage with all the junk we don’t want in hopes that others find their gold. 🙂

Then that money will go to decorating my master bedroom. There are a few more places that I need and want to clean out. But then I get to do something that I have never done…

Decorate my mater bedroom!!!!

You could say I am a bit excited! The week of Thanksgiving Eddy has some time off so I plan to do quite a bit during those few days. Take a peek at my Pinterest account for ideas I’m interested in for our mater bedroom.

This month I will make a plan for what and how I’m going to get this space done, for sure, this month.


We are holding onto my things that we no longer need in our garage. So here’s hoping that after our garage sale we will have more space in there. And then have motivation to finish the garage once and for all.

Random Finishes

I’m not sure it will be possible to get all the random spaces finished. So I will make a list of all the things I want to get done in our house. Then I will put them in order of importance. Some will take just a few minutes. Others will take longer.

So when I have some down time I will already have a list ready to go of ideas that I could do. Another good idea to help get things crossed off of your lists is to plan and write down when you are going to work on either something from your list or a specific item. Get it scheduled in your calendar!

Head here if you want 11 tips for decluttering and organizing. 🙂

Work Goals

How did you do in October? Have you had a second to sit down and plan your November 2019 goals? If not, now is a great time. Start small with one goal. You will love the light and fire you feel when it is accomplished!

Then you will want to keep going. I tell you what, this year I have accomplished so much, even though I have had some tough times. The reason I was successful was because of my monthly goals. It’s a good amount of time and has a clear start and finish.

It also doesn’t hurt that I am posting my monthly goals here. 🙂

Happy goal making and crushing your November 2019 goals!

Xxx, Steph

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