12 days of love

12 Days of Love For Your Valentine!

I know, I know, the 12 days of love start today!! So hurry and get your FREE printables to get this done.It won’t be free for every, so jump on this today.

With Valentine’s Day just 12 days away it’s the perfect day to print these babies off and get started on the 12 days of love for your valentine. This $2 printable bundle gives you everything (almost) you need to pull this off.

There are 12 days of gifts, some are free and some you will need to buy one additional thing to go with the tag.

Don’t stress about the day one, because it is a free one, unless you choose to purchase the gift idea. Woohoo! Since I’m getting this out on the day you should start I’d thought I’d make the first day a bit easier for you. 😉

This will give you 2 days to get the things on your list. Speaking of the list…here are the things you will need to get. Or get creative to see what you already have or how you can make it even cheaper. 🙂

  • Massage oil (optional)
  • Movie tickets, Redbox code, rent or watch a movie at home through a streaming app
  • Bag or can of their favorite nuts
  • Chapstick
  • 6 pack of crush pop
  • Hershey’s kisses
  • Mints
  • Hot Tamales
  • Bag of Chex Mix
  • Post-it notes

I am guessing you can find all of these things at the Dollar store, well maybe not the massage oil or movie tickets… But the rest you can get for a very reasonable price.

12 days of love

Once you have all of your gifts and have printed up your 12 Days of Love package printables you just need to assemble them for each day.

To do this you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape or String
  • Wrapping paper or bags if you want to get fancy

Then each day set the day’s gift out for them to see and get all the feels. 🙂

Tips to Make the 12 Days of Love Easier

Look around your house for things you already have, that are not open. We have some movie tickets waiting to be used. So for day 2 I will get a baby sitter all lined up and and let Eddy pick the movie. If we get grandparents or swap babysitting with a friend then it will be a free date!

Look in your food storage…Do you have chapstick or nuts that are unopened? Use them. We do, so you better believe I’m going to use them. And same with post-it notes. I have tons, somewhere, from my days as a teacher.

12 days of love
This is how it looks when you are out of color printer ink…

In case you haven’t read my Budget Overhaul, check it out. Looking around the house for things I can use that will fit and are unopened will help me stay on budget for February and still spoil Eddy. Especially since February we are really going to tighten up our budget.

If you have the time go and get everything you need at one time, do it. Then take about 30-40 minutes to get every day all ready. This way you won’t need to be doing something every day. It will be done and you can just set it out for your love.

One of the days is adventure tickets and 12 dates to last the year. You can either fill them all out yourself, fill half of them out, or do it together as a date night in.

Then you can get a jar, bag or anything that will hold them. Once a month or when you are ready to go on an adventure or date you can pick one out of the jar and just go do it.

12 days of love

If you are a planner then plan the dates out in advance so you are prepared and can get babysitters, look for coupons, or plan whatever you need to make the night a success. The same goes with the adventure tickets.

I sure hope you enjoy doing the 12 days of love to your love this Valentine’s Day! If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day fun check these out:

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and friends! Remember these are available for the low, low price of $2. Enjoy my friends!

Xxx, Steph
12 days of love

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