5 Fun Valentine’s Dates and Kid Crafts

There are so many fun Valentine’s dates and kid crafts floating around the internet. Here are 5 of each for you to have fun with this Valentine’s Day.

Oh my goodness! I love holidays! I love the hype, the decorations, the candy, the books. Everything is so much fun. I thought it would be fun to share some fun Valentine’s dates and kid crafts all rolled up in one pretty post. 🙂

Because putting your relationship first is so important let’s start with 5 fun Valentine’s dates you can do with your Valentine.

Spa Night at Home

I don’t know about you but getting to spend any amount of time in a spa is AMAZING! But it’s so darn expensive. This is when a home spa comes in. Get the littles to bed and get your spa on.

Some fun ideas are:

  • foot soak in the tub
  • hand soak in a bowl
  • give each other hand or foot massages with yummy smelling lotion
  • his and her facials or masks

Fancy Dinner Out

We hardly ever go to a fancy restaurant. I have a short list of some fancy restaurants I’d like to try. This just may be the perfect time to try a fancy shmancy restaurant that you have been holding off on.

Re-create Your First Date

How sweet is it to have your first ever date again?! For Eddy and I that’s not possible in the winter… I don’t know about him but I don’t want to have a picnic and go for a boat ride at the park. But for those of you that can re-create your first date that would be so romantic and fun.


Eddy and I are not dancers, like at all! I think it would be a blast to take a dance class. So for this idea you can go to a place where there is dancing (ummm, not a dance club, maybe someplace a little more romantic), take a dance class, or turn your family room into a magical night of dancing. Turn the lights down and the music up and show each other your moves.

Scavenger Hunt

Maybe it is just me, but I love LOVE scavenger hunts. I just think they are a blast on every angle. They are so much fun to make and I get really excited to plan for my kids or Eddy. And it is great to be the one on the other end and getting to do the scavenger hunt.

You can do one that stays in your house. You can do an out in the town scavenger hunt. Maybe you and your love one each do half of it so you both get to create and participate in the hunt. Get creative and have a blast!

Now that you and your loved one is taken care of let’s focus on the kiddos in the house. There are so so many fun and creative crafts that you can do with your kids. Here are 5 Valentine’s crafts that I have done (or my mom did with them) with my kids this year. And we loved it!

Dollar Store Hearts

If you are lucky to have a Dollar Tree (or any type of dollar store) near you then head there now! They have a ton of fun things to create heart art. My mom watched my kids a few weeks ago and made a trip to the dollar store beforehand.

She grabbed foam hearts, Valentine’s stamps, ribbon, foam conversation heart stickers, and candy. Then she let them go at it. They had so much fun being creative and having the freedom to do what they wanted.

We have hearts on our windows and hanging from the stairs. They could hardly wait to show me in the morning when they woke up.

Crayon Hearts

I saw this idea here and thought it was so darn cute! We have so many crayons around our house. Our craft stuff is throwing up out of the many places we house it. It’s driving me CRAZY!

So this project solved two problems. YES!! I got to collect all of our crayons and use all the broken pieces. And I got to organize our craft stuff. Woohoo!!

Oh and my kids had a great time breaking and making these cute crayon hearts. But the real fun came when they got to color with them.

Sugar Cookies

So I know this isn’t too original or very creative. Buuutttt in our house we love sugar cookies. We love to decorate them. It’s fun to pass some out to friends. And we certainly love to eat them. Eddy is the sugar cookie maker in our family.

If I’m not planning on eating any (sometimes I can be good) then we will buy the color frosting. It doesn’t taste very good but it’s thick and easy. If I’m being lazy then we’ll get the cream cheese frosting and dye it ourselves. It’s super yummy!

Wax and Crayon Hearts

I guess I just love crafts with crayons. 🙂 Or maybe I love getting all the broken crayons out of my house. 😉 But really this was so darling I knew my kids and I had to make these.

What was so great about this craft was that we had everything already. Wax paper, crayons, iron, something for a heart pattern, and scissors. Easy peasy!

Painted Wood Hearts

Every time I pull out my paints my kid’s eyes get wide and they are dying to paint with me. I really wanted to give my kids the chance to paint something that we could display.

We went to the store and let them pick out 2 colors of paints. I didn’t want 6 of the same colors I already had so I took a picture of my paints. They got to pick 2 new colors. Other then that they could pick whatever they wanted. And they had FUN!

We took the kids to The Wood Connection (there are 4 locations in Utah and you can order online. This is not sponsored, I just like their stuff.) We let them pick something out for them to paint.

The hype was totally worth it! My kiddos had such a great time painting the wood pieces they picked out. They also love looking at them displayed around the house.

What fun dates ideas do you have planned with your special one? Have you tried any of these crafts? What are some others you have tried? The holidays can be so much fun and also hectic but I’m hoping with these fun valentine’s dates and kid crafts your holidays will be awesome!

Xoxo, Steph

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