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Sunday Motivation: Don’t Take it For Granted

What is some thing you take for granted? Don’t take it for granted. Today’s quote is about showing gratitude for the little things.

Holy Moly! This quote was powerful. As I was reading through quotes about gratitude there were a few that I liked and wanted to use. But when I read today’s quote that was it. Don’t take it for granted, I needed to hear a message like this.

How true this is! As I was reading it I got this powerful feeling that it needed to be today’s quote. Then my mind went crazy…

  • family
  • Eddy
  • my four children
  • my parents
  • running water
  • power
  • a soft bed
  • friends
  • my van
  • Eddy’s job
  • food in my fridge
  • medicine
  • laughter

The list goes on and on. How many times do we use something, talk to someone, (or about anything else) and just take it for granted? I do. I’m guilty. I need to get  better. I want to challenge you (and ME) to try to be grateful for the little things. The little things that make our lives so darn easy. Easy compared to 50, 100 years ago.

I’m talking about running water and electricity. I’m talking about the internet at our fingertips. I’m talking about almost every task or job made easier by modern technology.

Now let’s chat about the people in our lives for a minute. I don’t know about you but I can be my worst self around those I love. I can lose it, get upset, yell, say stupid things without thinking to them. Would I act like this in public? Oh heck no! I’m (usually) my best self. I’m very polite. I stay calm. I don’t yell at strangers. Unless I’m driving and you do something stupid, then I’ll yell at you. 😉

Isn’t that backwards? Why wouldn’t I want to be my best self around the people I love the most? I guess I let my guard down. Or maybe it’s because I love them so much that I let them get under my nails? I don’t know what it is but I need to stop taking them for granted.

I have not mowed my lawn all summer. I hardly take out the garbage. I get to stay home with my babies. I sleep in pretty much every morning. If I really wanted ice cream and we were out I know someone who would get it for me. This same person I take for granted more then I should. He is AMAZING!!! There are not enough words or time to express how amazing he is. I need to step up my game and start.

My babies are healthy. My babies are good. My babies crack me up. We have fun together. They are my world. They see the worst of me. I’m ashamed and embarrassed. I hope for two things. 1. They are young enough they will not remember my many, many faults. 2. When they do start remembering I hope I don’t loose my cool as often for them to remember. My saving grace is that they are wonderful and forgive me time after time. I’m getting really good at apologizing. 🙂

My point is that we all have many wonderful things in our lives. Everyone will have different things that are amazing that they take for granted. I want to challenge you this week to really appreciate the little things. Appreciate the things we often take for granted. Show those things how grateful you are! Don’t take it for granted.

I’m grateful for you all!! Thanks for being amazing!


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  1. What a lovely post and a great quote! It’s so true, there’s so many things we take for granted. Even being able to keep warm in these cold months is something we should be thankful for but we don’t often think about it like that because it’s the ‘norm’ for us. Love this, thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Chloe xx

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