10 Unusual Facts You May Not Know About Me

Here are 10 unusual facts about me. I know you want open this bad boy up and read some random things about me…

A huge shout out and thanks to Ruth at The Rolling Twenties for tagging me in 10 unusual facts about me. It was fun to read through hers, give it a read here. I don’t know about you but I think it’s way fun to get to know people. So reading random and unusual facts about someone is pretty awesome. Here are my 10 unusual facts about me.


10 unusual facts

This one isn’t too unusual, especially if you know me. Let me answer a few questions for you… 🙂 I do not eat fish (blah), I do eat eggs (baked in things and scrambled well done), cheese, milk, yogurt, and ice cream (I’d have to be crazy to not eat ice cream). So basically I eat dairy but no meat. I get grossed out quickly. So in 6th grade when we had to dissect a fetal pig, I was done eating pig. It was so gross and smelly. And sad! From there I started to not really care for meat and get grossed out about it. I never cared for fish and still think it smells pretty bad.

I have heard most every joke or comment about being a vegetarian. I will still laugh and smile when you tell me a joke about it. It probably isn’t the first or last time I will hear it. And that’s okay! I usually don’t care. If I’m grumpy then I am definitely rolling my eyes inside my head. Haha! But I still love you!


My undergrad degree is in Elementary Education. My minor is Spanish. I had the awesome  chance to go and live in Mexico not once but twice! The first time I went I stayed for 3 months. This time I got about 15 credits for my Spanish undergrad. I went to language school while I was there. It was AMAZING!!! I would go back in a heart beat and would someday love to take my family.

My wonderful mom and dad came to visit me half way through. It was a blast taking a week off of school and showing them around where I lived and staying in Mexico City for a few days. Hablo un poco de espanol. Haha! I have forgotten a ton, which I am very sad about. Learning Spanish was hard for me. I know it will come back easier, hopefully.


5’10’. That’s my height. In my family I am the tallest girl. That’s saying a lot when I only have sisters. 🙂 Only my pops is taller than me. I have about 4-5 inches on each of my sisters and my mom. I joke that I stole all of the height. It came in handy when I was playing volleyball, and many other times.

My mom will ask me to reach something in her kitchen often. When I do easily without a chair she always says, “You can reach that? I forget how tall you are.” Haha! Trust me mom, I haven’t. Finding pants and long sleeved shirts is a joke. 🙂 But that’s okay, I like being tall.

Birthday Present

I share my birthday with one of my uncles. Ever since I can remember he has called me his birthday present. 🙂 Whenever I see him I get a great big hug and he greets me along the lines of “how’s my birthday present?” It’s pretty awesome. Birthdays are a special day and sharing with Uncle Jon makes it super fun.


Is it crazy that I still have the case?? Maybe just a bit!

When I was younger and taking piano lessons I LOVED my fingernails long. It would drive Mrs. Gibbs, my piano teacher, crazy. Sorry about that Mrs. Gibbs. For awhile I would bite my nails. Now I like them short. When they are too long it feels weird. I still use the same nail set that I got when I was in elementary school. I can’t for the life of me use something else. I have tried.

I also have to cut my fingernails after I take a shower. I like how they are softer, it makes it seem easier to cut and file. Oh and it is the best to paint nails right after I cut them. The few times I have gotten a pedicure I have to cut my toenails first. It tickles when they do it. Wow, never really thought about how weird I am about my nails. Oh well…

Red Hair

photo credit: whitneybethphotography.com

Growing up I did not like my red hair. I got made fun of for my hair, my freckles, and my name. After the episode of Full House where they call Stephanie Step-on-me, it would spark kids to call me that. I swore I would dye my hair when I was old enough. In high school one of my besties and I tried dying our hair. We were in the bathroom at my house and it didn’t last long. It was itchy and we were a little scared that something bad was going to happen. So we took off the cap and washed it out. It didn’t do a thing. I haven’t looked back at my red hair since. Now, I love it.


10 unusual facts

I like adventure, I like to try different things. I like to have fun and do random things. The older I get the less adventurous I get. I think it has pretty much everything to do with my anxiety getting worse and having kids. I now think to myself, “what if it kills me and I leave my kids motherless?” That right there folks will stop me from doing something stupid.

With that being said, there are still some things I’d like to do and try. I should type up a bucket list one of these days. One thing that I have wanted to do but probably won’t anymore it hang gliding. Oh, and my paragliding story on the beach of Acapulco, Mexico is pretty funny. So are some bus stories from Mexico. Ok, I have many funny stories from Mexico, at least I think so. 🙂


This was one my hubby, Eddy, thought of. Haha! So I usually say it wrong (expecailly), probably every time I say it when talking to him. He’ll call me out on it and then we laugh. I don’t know why I say it wrong. There are also other words that I pronounce incorrectly, but at the moment nothing is coming to my mind. I totally have mom brain! And I’ve had headaches/migraines for a few days straight. All day long. I’m tired and can’t think.


To go along with not being able to pronounce some words correctly is my lack of spelling abilities. Spell check and I are besties! I always say that I hope my kiddos get Eddy’s abilities to spell. I struggled with reading as a child. I taught myself strategies to get around it. I also went to resource for about a year at school. Reading and spelling are very closely related. When I go to spell a word sometimes I can’t hear the individual sounds. Which makes it very hard to spell.

As an adult I still struggle with spelling. I feel it helped make me a great first grade teacher,  expecially (especially, haha) with teaching reading. I know what it’s like to have a hard time. It was sure fun learning more about reading as an adult and being able to help those darling 6 and 7 year old kiddos to read.


I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this somewhere in a post before (maybe here?). But as a little girl I knew I wanted to become a teacher. That became more and more clear as I got older. When I was going to school at Westminster (already in the education program) I had a teacher ask us what we wanted to do with school after we got our undergrad degrees. Until then I never thought about continuing my education after I had my Bachelors.

Right then was when my spark started to get my maters. Can you guess what I did? Two points if you guessed education. Woohoo! I got my reading endorsement and needed only a few extra classes to complete my Masters of Education (MED). I would love to go back someday and get my Doctorate of Education. Someday! As for now I’m raising my babies. I’d also like to be out of school debt from Eddy’s degrees.

Well, I hope you found something that was interesting in my 10 unusual facts about me. What is something random about you? I’m going to tag some blogging friends! If you want to play along that would be fun. Please write a blog post including: 10 unusual or random facts about you, link back to me, and tag some peeps.

I’m tagging: Navigating DarknessHow We DoGrowing Up with NatureMidlandfamilylife, Cheers to Traveling.

Thanks for reading my friends!


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  1. This was fun to read, there were a few things I actually didn’t know. Like you sharing a birthday with Uncle Jon and him calling you his birthday present. And I cannot believe you STILL have that nail kit!

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