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12 Ways to Spread Cheer Anytime of The Year

How do you spread cheer? It’s easy during the holidays. But what about the rest of the year? Here are 12 ways you can spread cheer anytime of the year.

I feel like the holidays can bring out the best in people. Finding new says to serve others, give to others, and smile more. So, why not be that giving, helpful, and kind all year long?! This post is all about 12 ways to spread cheer anytime of the year.

I know that the holidays can be special thinking about Jesus Christ more and that makes us think of others more. It can be a magical time. Can you imagine what would happen if we had some of the magic saved over from the holidays and spread cheer anytime of the year?

Amazing things would happen! So I have 12 ways that we can help spread cheer anytime of the year. Some of these ideas are not original..okay, okay non of of them are original. But they may have a twist to them.

12 Ways to Spread Cheer Anytime of The Year

Invite People Over for Dinner or Games

It is awesome to have friends over for dinner. You can have them help bring something. Or just have them come and not have to worry about dinner at all. That would be a real treat! Good food and great company always makes an evening better.

Last year we started a game night. On the Saturdays that Eddy works (every other Saturday) he is off at 7:00. This was the perfect night to start a game night. We could invite 2 couples over after our kids were in bed to laugh, eat, and play games. We LOVED it!

When I got pregnant and not feeling well and then had the miscarriage we stopped. But come the new year, we are going to start it up again. We have had friends ask if we were going to do game night again.

Sing Alongs

Going caroling is a winter and Christmas idea. But wouldn’t it be fun to pick random songs and go caroling when it is warm? Or do Christmas in July? Grab your family or friends and share what beautiful voices you have. I am positive you will put a smile on their face. And maybe a giggle or two.

Good ‘ol Fashion Treats

Who doesn’t love getting a treat? Homemade or store bought? It is lovely to know that someone was thinking of you enough to put forth the effort to drop something off to your house.

Think about the hearts you will warm when you take a few extra minutes to share a treat with a friend. Even more if it is someone who needs an extra hug or smile (or chocolate) right then. I’m going to try to do this monthly. )

Go For a Walk With Someone

I love this idea. You get to get your body moving, talk with a friend (or someone you may not know very well), and get to know them better. Bonus points if you are outside walking. Mall walking is fun, but being outside will help lift your spirits even more.

Anonymously Do Yard Work

My first thought was shovel snow, then I wanted to have this be a year round spread cheer idea list. So then I thought of any yard work you can do: shovel snow, mow the lawn, pull weeds, take the trash out to the street plant flowers in a pot and leave on their porch, or ask a neighbor what they need help with.

How much fun would it be to connect with a friend or neighbor while you help them in their yard. Smiles, hearts lifted, and memories made.

Sending a Letter or Text

There have been times that I have gotten the sweetest voice message, letter or text and it just blows my mind and heart away. My favorite is a letter. I have kept many letters that bring tears to my eyes or make me feel good.

The best is reading them when you are having a hard time or finding them and getting to read them again like the first time.

My challenge to you is try to write a letter, leave a voice message, or send a text to at least one person every month. Make is sincere and specific, those can make a longer lasting impression. You will for sure spread cheer!

Babysit for a Friend

You may or may not like to babysit… 🙂 If you don’t hate it then offer to watch your friend’s children for a few hours so they can have a few free hours to do whatever they want.

The best is when your kiddos are old enough and they just play with their friends. That’s a win win situation. You get to help a friend and your kiddos get to play with friends.

Doorbell Ditch Something Fun

Growing up doorbell ditching was something we did for fun. It was a prank and not super nice. But if you leave something fun and doorbell ditch, well then that’s a whole new thing!

You can heart attack them (tape hearts on their door with or without positive messages), leave some baked goods, start a scavenger hunt, leave a note inviting them to come over sometime, or any other thing that will spread cheer.

Pay for the Person Behind You

This may or may not be something you can do. You can always ask how much their items are if you are in a drive through. Or look at their cart to see if it is something you can afford to do.

I mentioned this on my Instagram last month. I was at the Dollar Tree with my 4 kiddos. We were getting checked out and my kids always ask for stickers at the checkout. (They love stickers.) The cute gal at the register was handing them a bag to pick one.

I noticed an older man walk into the store and come right by my children and I. He stood behind me in line, kind of too close for my personal bubble… Haha!

Right after the gal told me the price ($16 and some cents) this older gentleman was pulling out some cash and said that he was going to pay for me. I turned to look at him and say that’s not necessary. He just smiled and said you have beautiful children and happy holidays.

Spread Cheer
One of the things I was buying.

I almost started crying right then and there. I held it together and thanked him many times. It blew me away and make me feel so happy. And made me want to share with others.

I’m not sure if it was a big deal to him or not but it was to me. Can you imagine the pure joy you will put on a total strangers face if you pay that same kindness?

I would love to do this for people. Should we try to do it once a month? Are you with me? If so, leave me a comment at the end of this post. 🙂

12 Days of…

There are the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 days of Valentine’s Day, and different versions with both of these. How fun would it be to do a 12 days of why you are awesome to someone to spread cheer? Or 12 days of why I love you? Or 12 days of how you impact my life?

There are endless possibilities! What will you do? And who do you want to do the 12 days of… to?

Serve as a Family

Being an example to your children of service is one of the greatest gifts we can give to your children. It shows them that we love others, think of others before ourselves, and teaches them to serve.

So, why not make a point to get them involved and serve together as a family. There are soooo many ways to do this. You can serve your neighbors in any of the ways mentioned in this post. Google places to serve near you and you will also find plenty more places to serve.

Go Grocery Shopping For a Friend

Have you even gotten home from the store and realized you forgot something? ALL THE TIME! With this idea you can ask a friend to give you their list because you know they are busy.

Or you can just pick up something you think someone may need (milk, bread, eggs?) while you are at the store. This would be a fun thing to doorbell ditch. 🙂 They don’t ever need to know it came from you.

I really hope you have a wonderful Holiday season this year. AND I really hope that you can keep on being magical and spread cheer anytime of the year.

Please let me know what wonderful ideas you have in the comments below. Happy serving and spreading cheer all year long!

Xxx, Steph

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