Sunday Motivation: Dream By Night or Day

Dreaming is a great thing. But dreaming at night and during the day are two different kinds of dreaming. What do you prefer, to dream by day or night?

Oh boy! It was one busy day yesterday. I am recovering from being sick. So with the combination of the two I was off my game. Seriously my brain was foggy!! Today is going to be short and sweet!

Anyways, I really like this quote because it is a good reminder to dream. When we dream we are pushing ourselves to become better.

A better version of ourselves. Better at something.

I am dreaming of a life where we are financially free (take that student loans, we don’t want you! haha!). A life where I don’t have to stress or be anxious about money.

I am dreaming of a life where we can get out and enjoy this beautiful world. I want to take my family to amazing places. To be able to see my children experience cultures, different foods, and see the wonderful things in the world.

I am dreaming of a life that is not brought down by my depression and anxiety. I am taking steps and dreaming of a day when I have better control. I will get there, it may take a lot of dreaming and hard work. But anything is possible!

What are you dreaming for today that will make you better? What are you wanting to make happen?

Xoxo, Steph

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