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I need a new swimsuit

SharePinTweetI actually did it. I got up when my alarm went off at 7:00. It did help to hear my 5 year old son singing, “Teenage waste land. It’s only…

I actually did it. I got up when my alarm went off at 7:00. It did help to hear my 5 year old son singing, “Teenage waste land. It’s only teenage wasteland…” just before my alarm was set to go off. The next amazing thing was I got out of bed. I didn’t push snooze, I didn’t roll over and think I’ll start another day. I. Got. Up. (Pat on my back!) I’ve been used to sleeping in most mornings until 8:00 or 8:20 because Hubby doesn’t leave for work until 8:30 and is pretty much the most awesome person.

I’m not the greatest swimmer and haven’t been in a very long time. But, I knew it was time to get started swimming laps again. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and need some anti-gravity activities, if you know what I mean… It felt wonderful jumping into the pool, getting my cap and googles on. Can I just tell you that I am out of swimming shape and 5 months pregnant, but still! I was tired. There is a part of the pool that takes your breath away because it’s so cold. I forget about it most every time and I about died as I swam past the arctic cold. It really took my breath away, and I started to panic. But, I just keep swimming and in a few kicks I’m back to the warmth and safety of what the water should feel like.

There are male swimmers on either side of me, swimming much faster and probably much more correctly then me. Then it hits me. Like someone shoved it right up my nose. Cologne. Very strong cologne. My first thought was – are you freaking kidding me?! Why on earth do you need cologne when you are working out? I keep kicking my legs and pushing my arms through the water as I’m having a conversation to myself about the overwhelming smell I keep having to swim through. Then I remember that there is an entrance to the locker rooms in the pool area. Okay. This makes more sense as to why I have to keep swimming through the smell of cologne. It’s not the entire length of the pool, just a portion of it. Close to the arctic cold spot. This is quickly becoming my least favorite part of the pool. But I keep going. I must keep going. It’s only been about 10 minutes. I have to swim longer than that!

I stop at the ledge to get a little drink. Well, that little drink turned into a huge gulp and a much needed few second break. I decide to turn around on my back and do a few laps of backstroke. (Haha! I’m not going to lie that I had googled images of backstroke to make sure I had it correct. I’m telling you, I’m no swimming master plus having pregnancy brain. Don’t hate on me, I get to use the pregnancy brain excuse for a bit longer.) My biggest fear with doing the backstroke is whacking my hand on the ledge of the pool when I get to the end of the lap. I’ve done it a few times and let me tell you, it hurts! I now look for landmarks on the ceiling so I know when to start feeling for the ledge. My hand lingers a little too long before I push it behind me and under the water, just to be extra careful.

My googles are not very good. They are foggy and a little hard to see through. It’s mostly okay in the water but out of the water is a different story. I have to keep lifting them up to see if I can be done. The clock seems to move very slowly. I still have 5 minutes before I need to be done. I’m back on my stomach and realize that the sides of my swimsuit are coming dangerously close to not covering the top part of me. I have to pull on each side to make sure I’m not flashing anyone, in the water. Great. I thought I had some more time in this swimsuit. It’s not comfortable by any means. It is tight down below, but, I was going to just wear it a bit longer. Now I need to go on the hunt to find a maternity swim suit that I can swim laps in. This is not going to be easy. I took a prenatal water aerobics class with my last pregnancy. It was awesome. I had the same issues with swim suits. I never did find one. It’s hard to buy swim suits in the fall, go figure. And, let’s be honest here. I was not about to spend much money on one anyways. Flash forward less than two years later and I am kicking myself in the butt. I should have bought one last time.

The pool is getting more crowded. In one lane next to me two guys are swimming. One guy in the next lane, with another guy suiting up in a full on long sleeved wet suit. Good luck buddy! Those are a PAIN to get on and off. At the other end of my lane a guy had slipped in and is getting ready to start swimming. Two thoughts come to mind. Dang! I don’t like sharing lanes. And I hope I don’t kick him because I’m not the straightest swimmer. I move over to the right to give him room and keep swimming. Another flip of the googles and a look at the clock. Yes! Two more laps and I am done. Mid lap as I’m passing my lane sharer I not only smelled cologne but inhaled it. I almost had to stop swimming because I started to cough. Seriously dude, you are swimming. And it’s 7:40 in the morning. You do not need cologne. Please for the love of all your future lane and pool sharers don’t put cologne on! I’m breathing so hard but know this is good for my body. My last lap I take it nice and slow as I start to cool down. I like to stretch in the pool before I get out. My back is to the pool as I’m stretching my legs. Then all of a sudden whack! I get hit by the guy sharing my lane. I laugh to myself, wishing I was with someone to laugh with. It’s always more fun to have a laughing buddy. I turn around and am stretching my arms, it feels so good. My lane sharer is coming back. I scoot over as close to the lane divider as possible, I am not getting wacked again. Mission accomplished. Next mission, find a swim that fits!

Wish me luck in my swimsuit buying!


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